LaVoy Finicum
Photo courtesy of Chris Zinda

I admired LaVoy Finicum. I believe that deep down, he was a kind man who loved and cared for his family, voluntarily extending it to include many children in need throughout the years. I believe he cared about his country and where it is headed. He was ultimately willing to give his life to that cause. I admired him for standing up for what he believed and acting upon those convictions, even though I believe he was wrong.

Last month, I wrote the following about Finicum:

“I respect LaVoy as an activist. He is dedicated to his cause, a very good communicator, on point, inspires, and acts on his convictions with style. An anarchist, of sorts. [Edward] Abbey would say he’s a scum stirrer like me. A kindred spirit. Broken like everyone.”

LaVoy Finicum
Image: Blaine Cooper / CC BY 3.0

I continue to maintain that the mistake made by Lavoy Finicum and the others at Malheur—as well as lands rights advocates and the militias with which they continue to associate—is that they insist on being armed when making demands.

I further maintain that the foot soldiers who reject constitutionally derived judicial authority are unwitting pawns enabled by a hydra-like racket of make-believe constitutional scholars that, as a result of the players involved in the Malheur takeover, is now being rightfully exposed in the national press through many outlets.

It is no longer a secret that the enabling hydra resides in Utah. You are now put on notice.

I wrote the following to a friend who is an expert on the sovereign movement in the United States right after viewing the FBI footage. She comes from an LDS background. I was angry and apologize in advance for the language. However, it is how I still feel about the entire situation.

But before that, I am so sorry for LaVoy Finicum, Mrs. Finicum, and their entire family. I believe Finicum was a good man trying to do the right thing and never meant harm to anyone. I believe he was caught up in a racket of manufactured fervor. I, like many, was drawn to him like iron to a magnet. I respected him, and I very much wanted to have that long talk that we never had.

This is what I wrote to my friend:

“He wrote a revelatory book built upon the snake oil sold by rackets. His was a bit different and should be very personal to you.

He was an LDS monk taught by salesmen in the oil of prophecy, constitution, the bigotry of being chosen, and an infectious kindness.

The enablers. Local con radio was livid, pious hosts spouting bullshit mispronouncing his name while saying guns weren’t the issue. Fuck that. It was and will continue to be the issue. Guns and explosives.

Enablers. Skousen LDS JBS BYU training attorney generals to motivate foot soldiers for their war. Ivory is a semi legal one who just looks like a snake. The one in the grass is MacFarlane, the bigger financier Bert Smith—for 3 decades.

Skousen, McKay, and Benson would be proud of their achievements two generations into their master plan.

And, the elected pukes like Mike ‘there will be bloodshed’ Noel, Chaffetz, Bishop, Hansen before him, and … we can go on.

Pernicious. Insidious. They got their simple foot soldiers. They are lucky there was only one causality. But, the war goes on, to Boise, to Montana, and a decade more because the machine will chug on even after the 95-year-old bastard’s money runs out.

I understand there is more to the sovereign movement than just Mormons. A journalist friend said I want to blame all western land problems on Mormons. I said no. Just 75%, about the landmass of Deseret in the West.

Regarding the released video, you not only see great restraint on behalf of LE [law enforcement] but the wheels in the head of Finicum asking The Lord what to do, all the thoughts of Kanab, his family, movie sets, and revelations. You can ‘hear’ the panic conversations with God and each other of what to do next in the 5 minutes they are allowed to decide to run.

That the truck wasn’t a hail of immediate bullets when he floored it is an illustration of that restraint—the same LE had for almost a month.

LaVoy Finicum
Image: Professor Doom1 / CC BY 3.0

He ran. They ran. Testimony of that heard conversation will be known someday. But he vigorously nodded and took off.

That he/they thought they could get away is indicative of the faith this 3/4 filled truck had in their God’s purpose for them. Maybe just Finicum, as the monk tells everyone the Lord will protect them like MacFarlane’s promises to ranchers or Ivory’s to fellow politicians.

There’s the roadblock, and he guns it as an officer jumps out. Instead of hitting him and the LE vehicle to stay on the roadway, he swerves to miss, getting stuck in the deep ditch snow.

I see him immediately get out of the truck and run a few steps with hands up. Still not shot. Such restraint. He reaches once to his coat—still not shot that I see—then twice, turns while reaching a third time. Enough.

The pose was as Edward Abbey intended.

Fucking enablers.


Thanks for hanging with me. You are much more professional than myself. Fate brought us all together. No damn god.

I’ve got a lot of writing to do. So do you. My perspective on life—my family—is forever changed because of the fate of Finicum.

He was a bad good guy. Or, a good bad guy.




  1. You weren’t there! The media has gone out of their way to portray them as radical cowboys. NPR released a negative story about how much profit the businesses were making with the federal agents and media in town. (Did that happened in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.) Why couldn’t they report the words of the protesters in full and give an account of the history of the BLM and the destruction of the land. Why? Because its no longer We the People – Its about the Government….Its propaganda and I’m not buying it, esp. this article. I’m siding with the ranchers until I hear and see the dashcam video…. Go to Youtube and see the burnt land, the burnt cows, the incompetence of the government….listen to the stories of these ranchers. We the People are pathetic because we blog and criticize. Most Americans are cowards now. We’re going to regret our stand – or lack of it. I’m embarrassed and ashamed – where’s my voice?

  2. This OP brings into perspective the life choices and the people who drew Mr. Finicum into the cruel joke that is the “sagebrush rebellion”. He was in fact, a useful tool for the manipulative con artists past and present, who exploited him and others for their own greedy intentions. As a lifelong Utah resident, I’ve observed from the sidelines, as the Mormon Cult in conjunction with State and National officials has used their considerable clout to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of everyone else.

  3. Finicum drank and long deep from the pitcher of Sovcit delusional Kool Aid….meanwhile Kris Anne Hall will stand up to the last drop of someone else’s blood, grifting her books and lectures….Lavoy said it clearly in the truck, “go ahead just shoot me”..well he got his wish didn’t he….there is NO cure for stupid

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