Zion’s Bighorn Sheep HerdLooking for a fun, educational outing? This Thursday, Feb. 18, come hear Cassie Waters speak as part of the Zion Canyon Field Institute’s Fern and J.L. Crawford Lecture Series. Waters’ lecture, “Managing Zion’s Bighorn Sheep Herd” will begin at 7:30 pm at the Canyon Community Center (126 Lion Boulevard, Springdale, Utah).
Extirpated by the 1950s, desert bighorn sheep were reintroduced to Zion in the Zion’s Bighorn Sheep Herd1970s through the collaborative effort of several federal and state agencies. Though the reintroduction was deemed a failure by the early 1980s, the herd continued to slowly grow over the next three decades, culminating in a rapid increase in numbers over the past six years, which has raised great concern for the health of the herd. The park is currently considering management options to reduce the risk of exposure to pathogens carried by healthy domestic sheep and goats that can lead to pneumonia die-offs in native bighorn populations.
Cassie Waters is the wildlife biologist at Zion National Park. She received her bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from Eastern Kentucky University and her master’s in biological sciences from Marshall University. She has worked in the wildlife program at Zion inZion’s Bighorn Sheep Herd various capacities since starting as a seasonal wildlife technician in 2007.


The Zion Canyon Field Institute’s Fern and J. L. Crawford Lecture Series is a collaborative presentation of ZCFI and the Division of Resource Management in Zion National Park. Lectures are hosted monthly and are free and open to the public.

“Managing Zion’s Bighorn Sheep Herd” is a lecture that you won’t want to miss.
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