Art Around the Corner One of Us Joshua Toone
Photos by George Scott

“One of Us” by Joshua Toone demonstrates his ability to utilize stark contrast to shape a piece. Toone finds inspiration in his love for shapes and lines. His affinity for contrast between straight lines and curved lines as well as the contrast between rusted steel and stainless steel resulted in the creation of a reminiscent piece he calls “One of Us.”

Art Around the Corner One of Us Joshua Toone“This piece reminds me of one of the first sculptures I made. I love sets of three and simplicity and the way the stainless contrasts with the mild steel,” says Toone.

Helping his dad with building sculptures when Toone was growing up allowed him exposure to art early on. He helped his father in the dairy and food industry and began welding when he was about 12 years old. The work provided access to scrap and remnant pieces of metal that he was able to reuse in his artwork.

Toone integrates repurposed materials into his work, providing previously functional metal items a rebirth to live on as beautiful works of art. Toone introduces multiple finishes to his sculptures with unique patinas offering additional contrast and providing the specific character of his artwork.

Toone began building his first sculptures in 2008. He has developed a skill for being able to conjure feeling and emotion into his pieces. At times, his work delivers a dark experience; at other times, it evokes a feeling of hope and strength. The highly polished shine in “One of Us” allows the viewer to reflect for a brief moment before melting into the smooth forms and connecting with the sculpture.

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Art Around the Corner One of Us Joshua Toone

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