B.A.C.A. Streetfest
Photo by George Scott

Spotlights lit up the St. George night sky on Friday, Nov. 6, as the aroma of delicious food permeated the air and music from every direction filled the downtown area for the community’s biggest monthly party. Streetfest again brought the party and transformed the historic district into the happening place to be. However, while attendees had advance notice of all the Streetfest performers for the evening, in an unexpected turn of events, members of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) stole the Main Street stage at the invite of musician Raven Cain.

The monthly first Friday affair infuses the downtown with vibrancy and energetic life as people gather to experience the best of southern Utah, and the November George Streetfest had something for everyone. There were activities for the little ones, DJ’s mixing the music for the teenagers, live music for all ages, buskers performing, a large selection of delicious food for all, vendors with a wide variety of items lining the streets, warm drinks, adult beverages, and people from all walks of life. The downtown businesses were bustling. Restaurants were packed, and boutique shops were crowded.

The live music on the main stage in the heart of it all was pumping. The Raven Cain Band set the tone with a “celebration time” attitude. As the band cranked out the music, Raven Cain joined the crowds, taking the energy to the streets. He danced with fans, high-fived them, and brought them into the act. Wirelefant continued keeping the vibe alive. Sharing their musical intensity kept the crowd involved and enjoying themselves. The National Parks demonstrated their talent and well-deserved acclaim as they took the stage. They kept the crowd gathered and partying to the last note.

The Jazz Garden showcased the majesty of the West Coast Jazz Players in the newly renovated Ancestor Square Courtyard. It only takes a moment of listening to these musicians perform to see why they have been chosen as the ongoing house band for the monthly event. Their special guest, Glenn Webb, demonstrated his musical gift, providing attendees with a special treat to regular fare. In the chilly fall air, outdoor patio heaters provided radiating heat as friends gathered around for warm, friendly, casual conversation.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization was spotlighted during the event as they put out a call for mentors willing to engage children socially, academically, and emotionally. The organization has been providing positive role models to Utah children for 35 years.

B.A.C.A. Streetfest
Photo by George Scott

The highlight for many in attendance at Streetfest was the impromptu spotlight cast upon B.A.C.A. by Raven Cain when he invited members in the crowd to join him on stage. Once on stage, he and his band performed the song he wrote and dedicated to the B.A.C.A. organization for the work they do helping children who are victims of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. The bikers stayed on the stage, much to the concern of event organizers, as they rocked and swayed to music.

Raven Cain ignited November Streetfest on fire where it burned from start to finish. It will be difficult to raise the heat after this one, but December First Friday Streetfest will add fuel to the blaze at the next gathering on Dec. 4.



  1. Raven Cain lit it up. Starting with just 3 or 4 of us in the audience for the first song I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Then BLAAAAM… the crowd started building up…. and a spark turned into a massive bonfire… By the time Wire Elephant took the stage it was a wildfire… and THERE WAS DANCING IN THE STREETS OF ST GEORGE…. What a vibe. BACA is a charity close to my heart. I gave a big shout out to the Mayor at the beginning… he couldn’t have missed it…. Just wanted him to know we appreciate the effort… Who is George… 🙂

  2. Wow Raven Cain Band was amazing! It was like watching a superstar preform…. Man if you missed it you should be kicking yourself. I know Raven is heavy into Bikers Against Child Abuse but who would expect to see all those bikers on stage? I’ll say it again WOW!

  3. Raven had a lot of energy and he is very cool! He really got right into the crowd I have never seen anything like it.

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