The growing popularity of the tiny home movement now includes Brad Pitt. Pitt founded the Make it Right foundation in 2007 to build homes, buildings, and communities for people in need. Operating under the premise that high-performance, well-designed homes should be affordable and available to everyone, all Make it Right projects are LEED Platinum certified and Cradle to Cradle inspired, meeting the highest standards of green building.

It was 10 years ago when the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward was the area hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The hurricane destroyed more than 5,300 homes in this particular area alone. The neighborhood only has just over a third of the population it had prior to the storm. Make it Right has been an integral part of the reconstruction of the neighborhood. The tiny home is the 109th home built by the organization in this part of the city.   

Brad Pitt Tiny Home
Photos from Make It Right website

Measuring in with a footprint of 28 feet by 12.5 feet, the compact home was designed and built with maximum efficiency, affordability, and sustainability and with environmentally friendly components at every level. Although the tiny home is small, it stands tall as a true eco-friendly powerhouse boasting a tremendous amount of green appeal. The two-story home provides additional interior living space, totaling 430 square feet. Within the space, the tiny home’s lower level incorporates a living room, full kitchen, full bathroom, and a laundry room tucked compactly under the stairs. Upstairs includes a bedroom loft, closet, and work-study nook. The six-foot porch overhang offers a cozy area to enjoy morning coffee and great conversation with guests providing extended living space into the yard. A photo gallery offers a peek inside the Make It Right tiny home. View a tour of the home provided by The Times-Picayune Greater New Orleans.

Brad Pitt Tiny HomeThis tiny home project has stirred further public interest in the tiny home movement. This is the first tiny home build for Make it Right. However, they have adhered to their mission and green standards with this build in the same way they have with their other earth-friendly builds. Some of the features utilized include solar panels, sustainable flooring, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, LED lighting, and much more. Make it Right worked in conjunction with the FYI network. FYI assisted in the expense of building the tiny home and will feature project on an upcoming episode of their television series, “Tiny House Nation.”

Brad Pitt Tiny HomeWith this build, Make it Right is further discovering ways to break away from the association between low cost and low quality. With each build, the team learns more in how to increase quality while decreasing cost. They are becoming a world-leading organization in moving towards affordable housing with both high standards and ecological responsibility. The more they build, the more they—and in turn, the world—can discover in building healthier, long-lasting, comfortable homes. This tiny home build has provided the organization much insight and publicity into the possibilities that exist with the future of home building in general, including tiny homes.

The Make It Right vision could potentially become the standard by which future home builders are measured where, around the world, people are living in healthy communities and affordable, high-quality, environmentally sustainable homes.

Make it count.



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