Cartoon: “Just a Campin'”

By Kevin GrewCartoon: "Just a Campin'"

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Cartoonist Kevin Grew is a husband, a father of five kids, and a Dreamer. He tries to show by example to his children that anything in life is possible if you just believe and apply yourself to making your dreams to come true. He looks at his own life, when a few years ago he was stressed and struggling in work and personally. He needed an outlet to put his thoughts into. He picked up a pencil and started to sketch. It was terrible, by the way, but it gave him the idea that he could take something he was not good at and make it something he is really good at. He loves stories, film, and TV and wished he could create his own universe of characters, so why not? Ryel Studios was created as an instrument to bring his and others' dreams to reality and enjoy all the thrills along the way.