All photos courtesy of Mindy Galanis, Eastmoor Designs
All photos courtesy of Mindy Galanis, Eastmoor Designs

Spring is in the air, and you might be eager to tackle a few interior design projects for your home to freshen things up. Whatever those projects may be, you will want to follow these tips and tricks so that your home stays on trend and up-to-date.

I sat down with Mindy Galanis, the owner and lead designer of Eastmoor Designs, who told me everything we need to know about what home trends to follow this year, from wallpaper to lighting and how to update your home without breaking the bank.

“Home trends for 2016 are being considered rustic modern with an industrial twist,” Galanis said, “but design all depends on the homeowner and what look and feel they are going for in their home.”

Gray and WhiteColors

Gray and white tones are big right now and can look stunning without adding any other colors. However, a great way to add color into your home is through a backsplash in your kitchen or through accessories. Succulents and greenery can add color to your home as well. Succulent plants are low-maintenance and can be added to most design styles.

Another great way to add a pop of color into your home is through toss pillows. The pillows will show off your personal style and can be mixed with a variety of colors. Matching all your pillows is a trend that is no longer in style. But be careful when you are mixing patterns and colors, because you want to avoid making things look too busy.


“Wallpaper is back and is better than ever!” Galanis said. “Wallpaper can make a huge statement in any space with pattern, color, and texture. My favorite way to incorporate interest in a room is to use settle-patterned wallpaper with texture.”

By using paint for your accent wall, you are limited to very few options. But wallpaper gives us endless possibilities.



The two-toned cabinet trend is here to stay. This year, that trend is hotter than ever.

“If you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing cabinet colors is to ensure it is not too trendy,” Galanis said. “Make sure it is something you will enjoy for many years to come. Finding that perfect balance of being on trend and timeless.”

White cabinets have proven to have a timeless look and are so versatile because you can add any color you want with them. If you still love the warm, brown-toned cabinets, you will want to keep them clean-lined and without knots in the grain of the wood you choose.

Hardwood flooring

There are two very hot looks for flooring this year. If you like light-colored flooring, a French oak with a gray wash is your best choice. If you still love the darker finish, a dark ebony mahogany finish is timeless. Rustic floors are a big thing this year, so the more raw and rustic accents, the better. Rustic elements are a fun way to add interest and character to any room. Barn wood walls are also on trend right now and are being seen in a large number of newly built homes and remodels.

MetalMetal accents

The trend right now is to mix and match metal accessories and lighting. It is best to match your door knobs and door hardware, but mixing metals — whether they are black steel, copper, or stainless steel — is a must right now. Be sure to keep all of your appliances the same finish, but different lighting pendants and chandeliers will bring the room to life.

Fabrics and furniture

Window treatments have always been an essential part of interior design. But this year, they are big and bold. The fabric and color patterns are more alive than ever before and will certainly show off your personality and style. When choosing upholstery, leather is a classic and will stand the test of time. Tufting furniture is a great choice this year, and the trend will definitely be staying! Again, metal accents are a must this year, and you can incorporate those metal pinheads into your furniture. The metal accents will add visual interest and make your furniture stand out.

Essential PiecesEssential pieces

Lighting, mirrors, and vessel sinks play a big part in completing your room. Table and floor lamps bring ambiance to the area and make you feel comfortable and at home. Lighting is necessary not only for function but will bring the room together. Framed mirrors in all shapes and forms can take any room to the next level. The biggest trend this year is circular mirrors with thick frames.

“My favorite is to group mirrors together,” Galanis said.

Vessel sinks in the bathrooms will be a trend that stays. They are so versatile and are available in many different colors and finishes. Wall art, accessories, and a great rug will also help you polish off the look of any room.

Remodeling on a budget

If you are picking one or two rooms to remodel this year, the kitchen and living room are recommended choices. Putting a fresh, new coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets or painting a new wall color are the easiest DIY projects and can really transform any space on a budget. Take the time to price check the paint. The clearance section is a great place to browse.

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