DiFiore Center begins time-capsule postcard projectThe DiFiore Center’s Inaugural International Postcard Art or Letter Exhibition allows applicants to submit original artwork, prose, or poetry on a 6-inch by 4.25-inch postcard. Postcards will be on display until June 25, at which point they will be sealed in a time capsule. Applications are due by April 30 with a $10 fee.

Applicants may include websites, email addresses, or social media information as well. Postcards may be sent in envelopes or without them. The DiFiore Center will own the rights to all submissions, which will not be returned.

The time capsule will be opened in June 2067, when the art will presumably be displayed again. After the exhibition, the art would be returned to the time capsule, along with a batch of new creations, and sealed again to be opened in 2117. This is intended to be an ongoing project, showcasing the work of artists every 50 years, with a collection that will continue to grow through the centuries.

Applicants should indicate if they do not want their work displayed by writing the word “confidential” on the top right-hand side of the postcard, in which case the work will not be displayed in 2017 but will be included in the time capsule and displayed when the capsule is opened.

Application fees are payable at difiorecenter.org by clicking on the “donate” button, selecting “other,” and paying at least $10. Submissions should be mailed to The DiFiore Center, 307 N. Main St., St. George UT 84770 or emailed to difiorecenter@gmail.com. The submission payment confirmation number must be included with all submissions for consideration.

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