Dixie Regional Transportation ExpoThe Dixie Regional Transportation Expo will be held Feb. 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Dixie Convention Center Ballroom. Now in its 12th year, the Dixie Regional Transportation Expo is specifically designed to aid local citizens in becoming better informed on current and future transportation projects and give them a voice in regional transportation planning. The event is free to the community.

The Dixie Regional Transportation Expo plays an important role in the overall Regional 2017–2040 Transportation Long-Range Plan.

“The goal of the event is to reach out to our stakeholders, Washington County residents,” said Karen Roundy of City of St. George Development Services. “Our citizens have a vested interest in local transportation issues, and we want to share information, ignite relevant discussion, solicit input, ideas, and options that will result in improved transportation services and solutions for everyone.”

Many representatives from surrounding cities, the county, and Utah Department of Transportation will be available to explain transportation projects and studies and take comments or questions on the Regional 2017–2040 Transportation Long-Range Plan.

Event attendees can engage Dixie Regional Transportation Expo exhibitors in a variety of ways:

—Ask questions about road projects.

—Learn more about transportation services and programs.

—Provide public comment.

—Learn about future transportation needs and planning.

—See transportation innovations and new technologies.

“Each year the transportation expo provides this comprehensive, ‘one-stop-shop’ forum to the public to consider all things transportation,” Roundy said. “It is a unique opportunity to gain of a better understanding of a variety of transit, road, intersection/traffic light improvements, walking and bike trail programs and projects. This is also a great opportunity to learn about transportation trends and provide meaningful input that will shape the future of Washington County. We hope to see the whole community support this event and the efforts municipalities are making to build better communities.”

Programs, project information, and displays at the Dixie Regional Transportation Expo this year will include the following.

Bluff Street Corridor

Bluff Street in St. George is a highly traveled roadway tasked with carrying an increasing load as the population in the area continues to grow. The roadway carries over 44,000 cars per day, and this number is expected to grow to 65,000 by 2040. Efforts are now underway to prepare engineering design, assess property impacts, and continue to work with local communities to determine how best to construct future projects safely and timely.

State Route 9 Construction Project

Redesign and improvements to State Route 9 are underway between Rockville and Zion National Park. Segmented into two projects (Rockville to Springdale and Springdale to Zion), work will include shoulder widening, roadway resurfacing and reconstruction, ditch improvements, and upgraded bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Southern Utah Bike Alliance

Southern Utah Bike Alliance will presenting information about cycling as an economically and environmentally friendly alternative mode of travel that promotes healthy communities, recreation, tourism, and fun. The organization’s mission to help southern Utah communities achieve the Road Respect Community Designation, part of a statewide program dedicated to providing education, support, and guidance on bicycle and active transportation planning for municipalities across Utah. Additionally, the organization plays a key role in the St. George Active Transportation Plan.

Ivins City transportation master plan

Ivins City consists of a network of 56 miles of paved public streets. Transportation needs and proposed appropriate cross-sections and road alignments along with capital facilities plan to ensure that the city stays ahead of growth to keep transportation running smoothly.

Santa Clara City transportation improvement plans

Due to high volumes of traffic on Santa Clara Drive, future improvements to the roadway network are important to Santa Clara City. Planned roadway and intersection improvements include new roads, traffic signals, low flow crossing in those areas that are currently experiencing growth, and widening Pioneer Parkway to alleviate some of the demand on Santa Clara Drive. Santa Clara City officials will be on hand to provide information and discuss upcoming projects.

Washington City Merrill Road extension

For Washington City, many future projects hinge upon the improvements of Merrill Road and other streets in the Washington Fields area associated with the Mall Drive Bridge project in St. George. Long-term plans for Merrill Road will allow motorists to shuttle directly from the bridge to Washington Fields Road and the Southern Parkway.

Truck Smart

Truck Smart is a UDOT program that promotes safe driving through public outreach, education, and information about how to drive safely around big rigs.

Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization Long-Range Transportation Planning

The Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking information on potential road, transit, and bike-lane facilities throughout the region. Public input is being sought on a potential public transit line from St. George to Springdale connecting workers, tourists, and other transit riders with housing, hotels, recreation, and employment venues.

St. George Parks and Trails, Park Planning Division

Park planning staff will be available to answer questions relating to the city’s recreational trails, parks, wayfinding signs, and roadway beautification projects. The city’s current trail map and comment cards will also be available.

St. George Police Department, “Heads Up Thumbs Up”

“Heads Up Thumbs Up” educates residents as to the dangers of distracted driving and how it affects lives right here in our own community.


Featuring six bus routes and more than 450,000 riders, St. George’s public transit service continues to grow and investigate expansion possibilities. SunTran’s booth will offer information about transit needs and possible solutions.

Drive Electric

The Drive Electric booth will feature information about electric vehicles and their significance for smart transportation practices and local powering stations, and UDOT representatives will be on hand with information on new powering stations planned for Washington County. Three models will be on display during the event, and information and materials will also be available on various makes and models.

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