Downtown St. George vacationWhat do you do when you feel the need for a break but have too much to do and funds are low? You stay for a downtown St. George vacation in the backyard. This was precisely our situation. The kids had just started school, and we wanted one more summer vacation before fully getting back into the routine of the school year. Obligations and funds kept us tethered to town. A downtown St. George vacation would grant us one last summertime celebration.

Our downtown St. GeorDowntown St. George vacation The Inn at St. Georgege vacation began with checking into our rooms at The Inn at St. George. We enjoy staying here, conveniently located in the heart of downtown, allowing us to walk the downtown area and interact with the environment. The friendly staff at The Inn always make certain of a pleasant stay. The popcorn is an added bonus the kids relish–so much so they secured an extra bag.

Downtown St. George vacation Art Around the Corner

Upon unwinding and getting into vacation mode, we strolled along the downtown streets. Our sightseeing included window shopping at several downtown boutiques and shops. We were also able to view several of the magnificent sculptures displayed as part of the Art Around the Corner outdoor exhibit. Revisiting some of the art previously featured in The Independent’s Art Around the Corner monthly feature renewed the connection. Other pieces were viewed to determine which ones were “calling” to be featured next. Though several were “speaking,” the ones that seemed to “ask” most convincingly were “Stryder” by Doug Adams and “The World is Mine” by Ben Hammond.

Downtown St. George vacation diningHungry offspring reminded us that even on vacation responsibility beckons. Claims of starvation required them being fed … again, today! We took the hungry tribe into Twenty-Five Main in search of sustenance. Custom pizza, salad, pasta, a sandwich, a caramel latte, and smoothies found a place on our table. Eye-appealing food meets with equally palette-pleasing cuisine when dining in the ambience of the tastefully decorated cafe. Live music performed by Raggedy Edge was a pleasurable treat.

Downtown St. George vacation flower gardensWith full bellies, to-go boxes, and lawful requirements of feeding the kids fulfilled, we returned to the downtown streets. With no agenda or need for hurry, we ambled along enjoying the art and vibrant downtown flower gardens. A downtown St. George vacation is undoubtedly more pleasurable on foot permitting for capturing the little things often missed when driving. We returned to our rooms at The Inn to relax comfortably for a moment. Soul What!? was playing at George’s Corner and couldn’t be missed. Their energetic performance with incredible music was the ideal conclusion to a delightful day.

Downtown St. George vacation parade

A quick breakfast in the lobby was just right to continue our downtown St. George vacation the following morning. We scurried out the door to catch the Washington County Fair parade marching down Tabernacle Street. Spectators lined the street to watch the parade procession. All of the kids snatched up an abundance of candy, liberally thrown by nearly every parade entry, stockpiling their copious bounty. Of course, we demonstrated proper parental duties by ensuring the candy was safe and edible by selecting random (by which I mean our favorite) candy for sampling. Good news: It was all safe.

Downtown St. George vacation Destinations organic salon & spa

Every vacation should include rejuvination. This led to us abandoning the kids with candy and popcorn (you know, in case they required more nutritional intake). We slipped off to Destinations Organic Salon and Spa for a massage. This little gem is a hidden downtown treasure–well worth finding. Lisa Herring and Tori Frei are spectacular therapist with an ability to work magic on aching muscles providing amazing massages beyond comparison. The experience of enjoying the healing power of a quality massage made our downtown vacation feel like heaven.

Downtown St. George vacation more food

Although our bodies felt like they were in heaven, the temperatures outside were more akin to the fiery depths of hell. Thankfully, the cool air back at the rooms offered a reprieve from the scorching heat. The kids greeted us with empty bags of popcorn and a rapidly dwindling stockpile of candy. Once again, they claimed they were hungry (this appears to happen several times everyday with no apparent long-term cure). So, we headed out with the ravishing pack to find our next meal. One Hot Grill is where we found all-American food that looks good, tastes great, and filled our bellies. Dail Brady, owner and cook, prepared everything to perfection. Even the little man, who can be both picky and brutally honest, gave it a 10-star rating. I assure you that it was earned and not given out of charity. The food is delicious!

Returning outside, we found the temperature had not taken a lunch break as it continued to climb. The pool at The Inn offered the promise of keeping us cool and entertained. It delivered. Swimming, splashing, laughing, and playing allowed for a great time as part of our downtown St. George vacation. We were each kissed by the sun while forging lasting memories.

Our evening was filled with more adventure and music. We were invited to a church ward party by our friends Kevin Jones and Jared Johnson of the St. George musical duo, Counterpart. They were playing the party in Pine Valley and promised a huge plate of food to boot. Another indication of the heat was a can of soda that was left in the car: as we were leaving downtown, we made it only a couple of blocks before the soda exploded, creating both an alarming boom and a hot, liquid mess. We stopped to clean it up, which made us a bit later than we already were. However, the drive was scenic, and the drop in temperature was welcomed.

We arrived to find multiple ward parties happening, and we did not know what ward we were looking for. We met another gregarious ward offering food along with a home visit from the missionaries (I’m kidding about the missionaries) and a stoic family reunion, before finally being able to declare “this is the place.” The mountain setting was beautiful, and the temperature perfect for savoring the music. Realizing we had arrived late, ward members quickly pulled food out making certain we did not go hungry (apparently, they also have kids and know the reality of our plight).

Church parties tend to be tamer and end earlier than most. Although, the Jell-O shots were a little weak–they were laced with carrot shreds and fruit cocktail. Making our way back down the mountain, the day finally took its toll on the kids. As they napped, we were able to visit while relishing the scenery. We returned early enough to walk next door from our rooms to George’s Corner for the live music performance of Raven Cain. We joined his family and visited while Raven shared his soul through music. A special surprise was his dedicating a song to us making us feel like the night belonged to us–magnifying considerably our personal downtown St. George vacation memories.

Downtown St. George vacation SGMTThe allure of a downtown St. George vacation is the numerous options of things to do and see. Conveniently located in our “backyard” this gorgeous part of town is highly concentrated in art, music, and culture. A multitude of alternative downtown happenings throughout the weekend would have offered an equally great experience. It looks like we have plenty of reason to do another downtown St. George vacation, soon!

Meet me downtown!



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