Eagle Point Resort is set to host three major outdoor events this summer: the Lunar Transit Festival, Crusher in the Tushar, and the Tushars Ultra.Eagle Point Resort will host three major outdoor events this summer. Lunar Transit Festival is a music and art festival that will be held June 30, Crusher in the Tushar is a cycling race that will take place July 8. The Tushars Ultra will include a 100K race, a marathon, and a half-marathon on July 29.

Lunar Transit Festival

Lunar Transit, a music and art festival produces by New World Presents, will take place June 30–July 3. Tickets are $60 before April 25 and $75 afterward. More information on the music lineup, camping, and tickets is available at lunartransit.com.

Crusher in the Tushar

On July 8, Crusher in the Tushar will begin in downtown Beaver and finish at Eagle Point Resort. Featuring a near-even split of tarmac and dirt-and-gravel sectors, this uniquely-formatted cycling race provides the opportunity to explore the Tushar Mountains and Fishlake National Forest. The race is capped at 600 riders. More information and registration are available at tusharcrusher.com.

Tushars Ultra

The Tushars Ultra is part of the Grand Circle Trail Series, which features trails above 10,000 feet. The Tushars Ultra comprises a 100K, a marathon, and a half marathon beginning and ending at Eagle Point Resort July 29. Event information can be found grandcircletrails.com.

More information and lodging for the events are available at eaglepointresort.com.

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