Fifth annual Soup Kitchen/Switchpoint Golf Tournament meets fundraising goalAt the fifth annual Soup Kitchen/Switchpoint Golf Tournament, held May 15 at the Sand Hollow Golf Course in Hurricane, 134 players helped to reach the nonprofit organization’s goal of raising $20,000 for programs, supplies, and more.

“The funds raised will go toward insuring the continued operation of the soup kitchen Monday through Friday. The expansion of the soup kitchen outreach efforts and for kitchen improvements which will enhance efficiency and maintain sanitary conditions.” said director Nick Bujanovich. “It is important for our community and our supporters to know that their contributions are impactful and strategically allocated for betterment of the lives of many. We were excited to include so many players and sponsors this year. Without their generosity, we would not be able to continue to serve high-quality, delicious meals to the most vulnerable in our community.”

The Community Soup Kitchen was first established in 2006, serving a meal just two days per week. Today, it serves a nutritious lunch five days each week and on Christmas Day. In 2016, over 34,000 meals were served at Grace Episcopal Church, including 24 frozen meals that were boxed and delivered to Switchpoint each day to be served to residents on weekends. Meals are prepared each day by one of 34 different volunteer cooking teams consisting of over 450 volunteers in addition to numerous local businesses and several major corporations.

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