In September of 2010, New York-based photographer Brandon Stanton started a side project he called “Humans of New York,” or HONY. Stanton’s idea was to create a visual catalog of the people living in New York. Photographing strangers he met on the street, Stanton soon began collecting their stories. The project showed a very human side of a city that can sometimes seem full of nameless faces. Since HONY started in 2010, hundreds of other photographers have followed Stanton’s example. There are Humans of Chicago, Humans of Austin, and even recently a Humans of Salt Lake.

So, why start a Humans of St. George (HOSG)? Since I moved here in 2010, I’ve noticed many divisions in St. George, and southern Utah by extension. But when it comes down to it, we’re all just people, and it’s a lot harder to place someone in that “other” category once you know them a little.

The goal of Humans of St. George is to help us see the humanity in each other, especially in those we see as different from ourselves. Project subjects are generally met on the streets of St. George and always asked the same five questions. “How did you end up in St. George (and/or) what has kept you here?” “Where do you fit in in St. George?” “How would you describe your personal sense of style?” (Can go deeper than clothing.) “How would you describe St. George to someone who has never been here?” “If you could have one wish for the St. George area, what would it be?”

I hope you enjoy this exploration of our community.

Camden Ray Chamberlain

How did you end up in St. George (and/or) what has kept you here?

I was living in Los Angeles and working on a daily TV show called Hollywood Today Live as post production audio mixer. The show was cancelled quite unexpectedly. I decided I wanted to go back to school and broaden my skill-set. My parents had moved to the St. George area the previous year, so I decided to live with them while I went to school for digital media design. School is my only reason for being here. I plan to move as soon as I finish school and find a new job.

Where do you fit-in in St. George?

I don’t really. I go to school here, work on my music, and sell my jewelry at markets. I have essentially no social life in St. George, unless you consider the markets I sell at as a social life. I spend a lot of time in Salt Lake where my kids live and most of my friends are.

How would you describe your personal sense of style (can go deeper than clothing)?

Eclectic/rocker/dapper/casual. Influenced by my wide range of musical influences. I’ve also grown up all over—The south, the east coast, England, South America, and especially the western states.

How would you describe St. George to someone who has never been here?

A beautiful area. Great if you enjoy outdoor sports and beautiful landscapes. Close to many of the best National Parks. Lots of Mormons. No night life. No music.

If you could have one wish the St. George area, what would it be?

That it was a town in California.

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