The Independent Southern Utah Adoptable Pets Guide features adoptable pets from various animal shelters throughout southern Utah. Get a new pet today!

The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter

The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter is located at 795 Hardy Way and is open for adoptions Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m. Please call (702) 346-7415 during these hours to speak to the front desk, or visit Animal Control may be reached by phone or voicemail at (702) 346-5268. Adoption fees include spaying or neutering and a one-year rabies shot. Mesquite residents only receive one-year city pet licenses.

Noelsouthern utah adoptable pets Noel

Noel came to shelter as a stray. She is about 1 year old and is full of energy. She will need a home where she can get a lot of exercise. She needs all the basic training. She loves to play and be with people. She is doing well walking on a leash and knows the sit command. She is a great medium-sized dog.



Cometsouthern utah adoptable pets Comet

Comet came to the shelter as a stray. He had been running on his own for an unknown period of time. It took a few days to realize he was safe and warm and had plenty of food to eat. He is still quite thin but is looking better every day. He loves people once he understands that they won’t hurt him. He is doing fantastic on his walks. He is learning toys and to play. He is afraid of loud noise.


Gandysouthern utah adoptable pets Gandy

Gandy came to the shelter with another cat, Zader, when their owner moved and could not take them with her. He is 4 years old. He is a nice big cat but is quite shy. He is easily handled and is learning that all the new smells and noises and his location are someplace safe and that he is loved. He likes being petted.




Zader came to the shelter with another cat, Gandy, when their owner moved and could not take them with her. He is 6 years old. He is a large cat with beautiful swirl markings. He is shy but is learning that he is safe and will come when called. He loves attention and being petted.



Providing Animals With Support (PAWS)

PAWS Adoption Center is located at 1125 W 1130 N in St. George. Please submit an application at Call (435) 688-9748 or email All pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. Below are the pets currently available for adoption from the shelter.

Dextersouthern utah adoptable pets Dexter1

Dexter is a 1-year-old Dalmatian mix. He is a rescue from Hurricane Harvey who would love to find an active family. Dexter gets along with kids and other large dogs, but no cats please. He is a very active boy who loves to run, hike, and play. All of the rescues from Texas were already in shelters before the hurricane. His adoption fee is $125.


Teddysouthern utah adoptable pets Teddy

Teddy may be a senior, but he is as playful as a puppy! He has a lot of pep and collects rocks for you to throw. He likes playing with toys, mealtime, and getting his belly rubbed! He is currently in a foster home. His adoption fee is $75.



Iggysouthern utah adoptable pets Iggy2

This giant guy has a heart of gold. He will bond with his human, and then you are all his. He is a big guy, not a chubby one. Weighing in around 14 pounds, he’s long and sleek and just stunning. His soft hair and big, lovable paws make you want to love and hug him. He has a giant personality to match his big heart. He likes bathing in the sink, catnip toys, snuggly blankets, and sleeping in the sun in the window, and he’s a great foot warmer. He’s lived with another cat and prefers no dogs, but truly seeks human love attention. His adoption fee is $65.

Shellysouthern utah adoptable pets Shelly

Shelly is one special girl. She was abandoned in central Utah where there is no animal shelter and has been living in an abandoned car. A PAWS volunteer took her in and got her fed, warm, and ready for adoption. This girl is so sweet and loving. She loves to cuddle, and you can easily win her over with a good under-the-chin rub. Stop in and meet Shelly at PAWS. Her adoption fee is $150.


Kovusouthern utah adoptable pets Kovu

Kovu is a 2-year-old chocolate point Siamese with blue eyes. He is sweet and social and really wants a forever home.  His adoption fee is $150.




Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located five miles north of Kanab at 5001 Angel Canyon Road. All adoptable cats and dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you have questions about a specific pet or the adoption process, please email If you’d like to apply to adopt one of these featured pets, click the link to their bio where you will find the adoption survey.

Franciscosouthern utah adoptable pets Francisco

Francisco is proof that cute things come in small packages. He was born sometime in 2013 and is just a little guy at about 13hh. He was found as a stray and came to us from the local animal control, so we’re not sure of his background or breeding, but he is very fancy and is of Spanish type and gaited, so we call him our “Pony-Fino.” He had obviously not been handled much when we got him, but is super smart and learned very quickly to do all the things a fine young horse should know how to do. He is in pre-ride training but will need a smaller person to ride him. He has been trailered a lot, has been ponied on many trail rides, and is generally a nice little guy. Because he is young and “green,” we will require that he go to a pretty savvy home with a good understanding of horse psychology.

Ripleysouthern utah adoptable pets Ripley

Ripley loves people and does well with all dogs at the sanctuary. Although he currently needs a lot of work on basic manners, he’s a smart dog who learns quickly. He’s working on being polite by keeping all four feet on the floor rather than jumping on people and is learning “sit” and “down.” He is also doing crate training. As Ripley learns training cues and gains better focus, he is growing into a loving and sweet boy. Born in 2015, he will jump fences and is considered a flight risk. He has also shown aggression toward cats in the past and cannot live with them. Ripley will need an active home with someone who can keep him safe and secure.

Saintsouthern utah adoptable pets Saint

With his special “hyena” bark and heeler looks, Saint is pretty darned endearing. He’s definitely a talker and likes to tell you how he feels, but he’s also the sweetest snuggle bug you could ask for. Very attentive during training and very treat motivated, he learns new things quickly. Born in 2015, Saint came to Best Friends from a rescue organization in Texas. He was treated for heartworm disease at the sanctuary. Though he is picky about his doggie friends, Saint does live with another dog in Dogtown. He has shown some minor guarding behavior when jumping up on top of dog crates, and he can get overstimulated with a lot of excitement. Saint already has a perfect “sit” and is currently learning more training cues. He can do easy food puzzles and sometimes eats from slow feeders. Saint will need an active home where he can continue doing training, including house training.

Tanokisouthern utah adoptable pets Tanoki

Tanoki is a shy guy, but he will let you pet him. With other cats, he doesn’t mind company but usually keeps to himself. Born in 2008, he came to Best Friends when his person passed away. Tanoki is in good health. He is a sweet and quiet boy who would love to have a home again. Tanoki is a caturtle, also known as a shy cat who comes out of their shell in a home. Caturtles are free to adopt and can fly to their new homes for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

KimChisouthern utah adoptable pets KimChi

KimChi is a little bit shy when he first meets people, but he’s really friendly once he gets to know you. He pretty much keeps to himself when it comes to other cats. Born in 2014, he came from a shelter in California. KimChi has a condition that causes him to leak urine. He is not on medication, but he requires bathing twice a day to avoid urine burn. He is a big teddy bear who would love to find the person who can deal with his condition.

Because Animals Matter

Because Animals Matter is dedicated to reducing animal abuse and neglect through education. It offers fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped animals for adoption through a network of foster homes and the Because Animals Matter Center, a transition facility. It also welcomes volunteers for a variety of activities and needs foster families for animals awaiting their forever homes. Please contact Because Animals Matter at (435) 773-5209 or visit for more information.


southern utah adoptable pets chuck1southern utah adoptable pets Chuck2

Chuck is a happy, loving boy who wants to be with his human all the time, be it walking, on your lap, or sleeping. He is constantly tracking your location because he just wants to be near you. Chuck is approximately 4 years old and was surrendered when his human became sick and unable to care for him. He’s a great little walker and is curious about his surroundings. Chuck seems to play well with other dogs close to his size but can be aggressive with larger dogs. A potential adopter who owns other dogs should arrange a meeting between Chuck and their dog to determine compatibility. Chuck should be in an adult-only home. He does not have the patience to deal with children. Chuck would do best with an owner experienced with opinionated dogs. To welcome Chuck into your family, contact Aggie (435) 773-1667 or Sue at (801) 554-3378. Chuck’s adoption fee is $125.


southern utah adoptable pets Nikita1southern utah adoptable pets Nikita2

Nikita is all pit bull: loyal, vigilant, and most importantly loving. She was rescued from certain death and is looking for the right family with whom to share her life and love. Nikita is a smaller pit (approximately 50 pounds) and is about 4 years old. She is a healthy, active, strong dog but will need daily prednisone (7.5 mg) for allergies, probably for the rest of her life. Nikita always has a ball, toy, or bone in her mouth, and her tail is constantly going at warp speed. Nikita is working on her manners and is a very energetic girl who will benefit from consistent guidance and perhaps some training for comfortable walking and/or interaction with other dogs but is also happy laying at your feet. She is most comfortable with male dogs (large and small) and children. She’s not good with female dogs or cats. To meet Nikita, contact Aggie (435) 773-1667 or Sue at (801) 554-3378. Her adoption fee is $125.


southern utah adoptable pets Roger1southern utah adoptable pets roger2

Roger is a wonderfully sweet and happy dog. He was picked up as a stray and is estimated to be between 2 and 4 years of age. He is quite excited when he first meets you but settles after a short time and is a good walker. He is learning his manners and already sits nicely for a treat. He will learn quickly as he is food motivated and wants to please. He plays well with other dogs and is energetic as is typical of his age. To meet Roger, call Aggie (435) 773-1667 or Sue at (801) 554-3378. His adoption fee is $125.


southern utah adoptable pets Umchisouthern utah adoptable pets Umchi2

Umchi is approximately 8–10 years old and is a neutered Old English sheepdog mix. He is a large-breed dog weighing in at 75 lbs. (his ideal weight). Umchi is a wonderful, mellow guy who loves the outdoors. He is used to going on daily 40–60 minute walks and would make a great hiking buddy. He requires caution when allowing him off the leash as when he is interested in something he trots full speed ahead, so be prepared to sprint after him. He is great with other dogs. Umchi is housetrained; in fact, he will let you know when he needs to go outside. He does have a bit of arthritis in the hips and spine but has good mobility, which you’ll know if you have to sprint after him on a hike. Occasionally, he will be slow to rise, and he will sometimes require a boost when getting in and out of the car. He does have environmental allergies that are present year-round. He was given a monthly Cytopoint/allergy injection, which he has responded well to. Overall, Umchi is an independent guy; he will love you when you are there but may be in another room as he does like having his own space at times. He does adore affection, but he is more likely to lie around the house and wait for you to come to him. He does not have a mean bone in his body. His adoption fee is $100, but Umchi is also eligible for our Seniors Helping Seniors Program. You won’t regret adding this guy to your family!