Jim Bassett photography
All images provided by Jim Bassett

Next up on our featured nature photographer series is Jim Bassett. Jim lives in the Coral Springs community in Washington. You can normally find him out exploring with family, friends, dogs, and off-road vehicles. It doesn’t hurt that the Bassetts have a cabin east of Zion National Park. Jim’s having a blast and covering a lot of ground.

Photo adventures

Jim likes to say that being a photographer is “seriously awesome.” He feels that it is fun, satisfying, and an opportunity to expand his skills while meeting new people.

“It’s all those things and more,” he says.

Photography has been near and dear to Jim’s heart for as long as he can remember. Jim stepped up his passion for photography after retiring from a very successful career involved with various computer disciplines.

“Most photography tools and techniques are digital computer based,” he says. “As a result, I can build on knowledge acquired during my career in computers and give full reign to exploring creative opportunities in photography.”

Jim’s computer skills are never forgotten. Over the last year, Jim has developed a website devoted to Southwest landscape photography. Peruse meetupPix.com for a look.

Jim Bassett’s style

Jim Bassett photographyJim is most at home close to nature. The emotions conjured up when viewing his landscape photography speak for themselves. Jim indicates that

“Human feelings are often the object of my attention,” he says. “Verbal and written feedback is the yardstick I use to measure the success of my work. Phrases like ‘wow’, ‘impressive’, ‘pretty’, ‘really nice’, ‘grandeur’, ‘sensational’, ‘awesome’, ‘fantastic’, ‘impactful’, ‘dramatic”, ‘sweet’. etc. are the steering wheel I use to guide where I’m focusing my future efforts.”

But wait – there’s more

In addition to landscape photography Jim photographs seascapes, macro, flowers, wildlife, architecture, nature, night sky, sports, still life, old cars and trucks, grandkids, and the family pets.

“I want to learn portrait photography. The human animal personifies beauty and drama. A photograph is the perfect medium to capture those dramatic moments in time forever,” he states with a visible gleam in his eye.

“Photography changes the way you see things,” he says. “I get immersed in the shooting as well as the post processing on the computer. This is my passion and can’t imagine life any other way.”

Let’s take a sneak peek at Jim’s photo creations and hear what he has to say about them.

Jim Bassett photography

“Magical Pool”


“Surprised me to learn that the trailhead to this very short walk jam-packed with numerous photo opportunities was only ten minutes from my house! Yep, this is ‘Red Cliffs Recreation Area’ in what could be considered the foot hills of the Pine Valley Mountains above Leeds and Washington City. Bob Kulon led a group of us local photographers into this colorful area near early spring this year when run-off from melting winter snow turns it into an awesome rendition of a Mother Nature’s water park complete with vibrant red rock.”


Jim Bassett photography


“Undoubtedly this is the most popular target of both local and out-of-area photographers alike when visiting Zion. No Southwest photography portfolio is legit without it. What retains my continued interest in this local icon and in spite of my innate desire for something new and different is that every time I drive over the bridge it always looks different. Because I have a cabin on the east boundary, I’m fortunate enough to drive through this section of the park sometimes twice a week in the summer. Depending on time of year, time of day, lightning, weather, etc. it emanates an entirely different dramatic look and feel.”


Jim Bassett photography


“Sunset at Whitney Pocket”

“Gold Butte southwest of Mesquite harbors some of the most unique photo opportunities in America’s South West (especially at Little Finland rock formation). After touring Little Finland for most of the day with another photographer of similar persuasion whom I met along the way I returned to my truck at Whitney Pockets and waited for the sun to set. I was torn between this scene and another one with an awesome Virgin River delta (I spotted on the way into the area earlier in the day) for a setting sun photograph. At this location I was fortunate to get great cloud cooperation and timed the capture just as the sun was disappearing behind the huge rock structure”

Jim Bassett photography“Storm Window”

“Monsoon season in America’s South West is a nature lover’s photographer nirvana. You know you’re dealing with a serious photographer when you witness them grab their camera and head out the door when the weatherman announces inclement weather in the area. It’s about one word, ‘Drama!’ Drama is a major goal that landscape photographers try to incorporate in their images. Luck was with me on this photo in August of this year on the North Rim of the Canyon. Cloud Cooperation including dramatic moving storm front photos were easy to come by. This view into an impending storm over the Grand Canyon not too far from the lodge is naturally wrapped in a frame created by the boulders and the Ponderosa Pine.”


Jim Bassett photography


“My way of landscape photography execution does not always involve going to places and shooting the first appealing composition. Instead I will often take risks and come up with new approaches. Firstly I need to feel the place. And I mean in it in a holistic approach. Each of my photos is a combination of composition, technical skills and deeper connection with the photographed location. One doesn’t exist without the other. It was easy for me to connect holistically with this slot canyon above Kanarravile, UT which also serves as the city water supply. On this day, other hikers would hike up most of the canyon and return only to find me in the same place where I was at when they passed me on the way up the canyon hours ago. I honestly feel like I was more immersed in the experience than I was in the photography! When I look at this photo it’s like I’m right back there again.”