Kelly Point Road closed to motor vehicles during winterKelly Point Road (NPS #1203) in Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument was closed to all motorized vehicles Nov. 30 for winter-related safety reasons as well as to protect local habitats.

“The road to Kelly Point is very rough and one of the most isolated places in the monument, said Chad Corey, acting superintendent at the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. “Due to the clay roadbed and fragile features there, a seasonal closure is the best way to protect the road, park resources, and public safety. In addition, we don’t want people getting stranded way out there for multiple nights as has happened in the past. At this time of year, Kelly Point is one of those places in the Parashant where you would be truly alone and a vehicle breakdown could be life threatening.”

During winter, the roadbed is normally saturated by melting ice and snow. According to Corey, this seasonal closure will protect the road and nearby vegetation. In the past, the road was damaged by deep ruts and widened as motorists drove around or through deep mud and standing water. This changed natural drainage patterns in fragile meadows and destroyed vegetation and cultural resources. Motorists were also stranded in the area as the region is seldom traveled.

Permits may be available from the chief ranger for winter motorized access to Kelly Point if conditions warrant. More information and forms to request a permit are available at The permit download page is accessible my clicking on the “alert” link.

The seasonal road closure during the winter months was implemented in accordance with the General Management Plan Record of Decision, approved in 2008.

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