Protecting consumers with contracts
Why do we have contracts? What is a contract? The definition of a contract is, an agreement between two or more people, esp. a written one enforceable by law. 

The reason I am starting with these questions is because I think that somehow the whole idea behind a contract has been changed or corrupted. What I mean by this is that contracts now days are used more as a way to take advantage of people rather than a way to protect people. 

Let’s think about some contracts that most of us have dealt with in our lives. Contracts are used for the following purchases in life. Buying a home, buying a car, buying a cellphone, using Facebook, using software, dealing with utility co, basically almost everything in our lives needs some kind of contract.

And I am willing to bet that the vast majority of us don’t read them from start to finish like we should. Why do you think that is? I don’t know why you don’t, but here are some reasons I don’t. First of all they are too long and difficult to understand since I haven’t got a law degree. Second my eyes aren’t as good as they once were and even with glasses I struggle to read the fine print. And last of all since I was brought up with morals, I trust that I won’t be taken advantage of.

I realize that there has to be some legal verbiage since the document has to enforceable by law. But what I don’t understand is why they can’t make the parts of the contract that are being agreed to easier to understand for the average person. They have done it with the truth in lending so why can’t they do it with other parts of the contract? When I say easier to read that means making it large enough and providing a place to sign or initial that you agree to the charge. 

Now as far as the trust issue the days of a man’s word being good enough are long gone. And for some reason our society feels that there is nothing wrong with people using something that was meant to protect all parties as a way to take advantage of someone. This is one time that I am glad and proud to be a member of the minority. Because it’s just not RIGHT! And I think it’s time for a change. 

During the past few months I have been trying to get people to sign a petition to change auto contracts, and I have had several people complain about cellphone contracts. Most peoples’ comment is, “they’ve been doing that for years”, or “you’re wasting your time, they’re too big and have too much money.” To which I say “It’s time for a change.” I realize this is a difficult task that I have taken on, but it is one that needs to be addressed so that future generations don’t have to deal with this type of “legal” theft. 

I am willing to do all the work if you are willing to agree that there needs to be a change. All I need from you is a signature to show your support. I won’t ask you for money, or any more time than it takes to sign my petition. Just think what have you got to lose, and look how much you have to gain for you and our future generations.

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