Welfare ranchersI would like to add my own research on the BLM and welfare ranchers/wild horses conflict. In truth, the welfare ranchers are the problem, because they are subsidized with our tax dollars through the federal government, and they use their money to take the land away from the wild horses and burros so that they can make more money with their destructive cattle.

The BLM lands are only 20 percent owned by the welfare ranchers, yet 65 percent are controlled by them. And many people do not realize that the more control you have, the more you can do as you wish, even if your motives are bad.

So I would like for you to check out my blog to gain a better and more informative perspective on everything going on with regards to the BLM and welfare ranchers, who I now hate more than ever because they are in the many parts of our society like a disease … and many do not see it.

Unfortunately the federal government is just like us: bullied by the ranchers.


Maya Logan


Welfare ranchers

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Welfare ranchers

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