Live Well health fairs
Image: European Commission DG ECHO / CC BY-ND 2.0

Valley View Medical Center and Dixie Regional Medical Center (at the Health and Performance Center) will both host “Live Well” health fairs on Oct. 17. Dixie Regional’s event kicks off with Miss Utah Krissia Beatty cutting the ribbon at the hospital’s new labyrinth (near the southwest corner of the hospital) at 8 a.m. Valley View welcomes attendees from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Live Well health fairs
Miss Utah Krissia Beatty will cut the ribbon at Dixie Regional’s new labyrinth. Photo courtesy of Intermountain Healthcare.

“There is no admission charge for entrance to the health fair; although a screening or two have a small fee to cover the cost of testing,” said Bailey McMurdie-Parker, event coordinator at Dixie Regional Medical Center. “The health fair is an opportunity for families and individuals alike to discover more about their health and have access to screenings they otherwise might not.”

Many family-friendly services are part of the health fairs, including the opportunity to be fitted with a free bike helmet while supplies last, the Live Well Bike Rodeo at the Dixie Regional event, and other games and activities.

A variety of screenings and assessments will be administered by professionals including body composition analysis, blood glucose testing, painful joint screening (including arthritis), nutritional counseling, osteoporosis education, dizziness testing, and hearing testing. Exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, dietitians, eye doctors, and many other health professionals will be present to answer questions.

At Dixie Regional’s fair, to help keep lines down the day of the events, the $25 fee for the cholesterol test may be paid by cash, check, or credit at the hospital cashier’s office, now at the River Road campus on weekdays during regular business hours. Those receiving this test should fast for eight hours prior.

Live Well health fairs
The Cedar City Fire Department will have a truck for kids to tour at the Live Well health fair

“These Live Well Health Fairs would not be possible without the dedicated professionals, many of whom volunteer their time to provide screenings,” McMurdie-Parker. “These good people dedicate their time and talents and we’re excited the community can benefit from their service.”

For more information call (435) 251-2159 in St. George or (435) 868-5828 in Cedar City.