Two hundred march for science in Cedar CityBy Jean Bjerke

Nearly two hundred people participated in the Cedar City March for Science April 22. Their message was that they believe in science, civilization is founded on science, and they want policy-makers to make decisions based on facts.

The march, co-sponsored by Women’s March on Washington Cedar City and the Southern Utah University Earth Club, was one of six marches in Utah and more than 600 marches worldwide planned in conjunction with the March for Science in Washington, D.C.

In addition to the march, the Southern Utah University Anthropology Club offered anthropology activities and members of the Southern Utah University Animal Ambassadors Club brought a variety of exotic reptiles. Activities for kids included a “dress up as your favorite scientist” opportunity, archaeology activities, kite flying, bubbles, painting, and simple science demonstrations.

Marchers, including families with children in strollers and riding on their father’s shoulders, gathered at Cedar City’s Main Street Park and marched to the quad in front of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library on the Southern Utah University campus. Their mood was positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic.

At the conclusion of the march, marchers heard brief remarks by some of the local march leaders including Carrie Trenholm, Briget Eastep, and Emily Dean as well as Alejandro Lucero, president of the SUU Earth Club.

The March for Science is an international movement supported by thousands of individuals and more than 220 scientific and professional associations.

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