Who won at Mayhem in Mesquite

Photos by Josh Warburton, story by Scott Dunford

A record 1315 ticket holders yelled, screamed and applauded Mayhem In Mesquite this past weekend. At times is was deafening as spectators, mothers, fathers and mother’s in law joined the screams. We sat just behind the mother in law of Chloe Waters Allen from Las Vegas who entered the ring for the second time. She was pitting her shear tenacity and fire against Cheyenne Hinsey, a first timer also from Las Vegas. As the first round began it was clear that these ladies meant business as both fired punches in a blur of passion and out right abandon at times. Unfortunately for Chloe, Cheyenne managed to see her way clear through the fury of blows to land a hard right to the jaw of Chloe followed by a popping left square to the face that sent her head over heals. Legs few over her head as she went down. Eyes wide shut and out cold for at least 2-3 minutes. A bit concerning to say the least! I couldn’t help but notice Cheyenne’s murderous eyes staring down her fallen opponent from the other side of the ring with a smile at first only to turn to concern when Chloe didn’t rise. Medics and trainers tried to revive her and final she opened her eyes. Dazed and confused. Thankfully she rose but not on her own. Three men helped her out of the ring as she almost feel again down the stairs of the octagon.

There were 13 great fights all together that night. Every fighter was determined to make their mark and prove that they had what it takes to fight in the MMA, professional Mixed Martial Arts. For many it was not meant to be as they quickly learned. Several entered the ring for the first time. Several were from Mesquite and St. George. Others a bit more seasoned, came from as far as California, Colorado, Las Vegas and Salt Lake, fighting with experience in their corner. None disappointed!

CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino has announced their next Mayhem In Mesquite is Saturday, August 8. You won’t want to miss it or the beautiful ring girls that proved eye candy between rounds. A spectacle to say the least in a small town like Vegas Used to be!