Video and photo: Will and Jim Pattiz

More Than Just Parks

Brothers Will and Jim Pattiz are co-founders of More Than Just Parks, a film-making team with a passion for national parks. Their mission is to raise awareness of the true beauty of America’s national parks. Through creating stunning 8k videos (the highest resolution possible), the brother’s showcase these parks most treasured possessions.

“In doing this we hope to inspire exploration and conservation of these incredible natural wonders and the great outdoors,” Will Pattiz said.

The Pattiz brothers have embarked on a journey through Zion National Park, spending a month hiking, camping, backpacking, and filming the 8k video showing the wonders Zion National Park holds. Few filmmakers are currently able to shoot in 8k. Thus the Pattiz brothers’ film is truly one of kind.

Beyond this excursion through Zion they will continue filming nationwide as they plan to visit all 59 US national parks and make a short film for each location.

Will Pattiz said they want to complete their mission of showcasing the things that make each one more than just parks.

To follow the Pattiz brothers on their journey through every US national park visit You can also follow them on twitter @MTJParks and on Facebook.