Need something new in the bag for the upcoming season?Recently, PING and Callaway introduced new editions to their line of golf clubs.

PING has already had a high demand for its new line of G400 series woods, hybrids, crossovers, and irons via recent demo day. In fact, the product launch dates for the Driver and irons were set for July 27 while the fairway woods, hybrids, and crossovers will be available to purchase Aug. 16. With high demand already creating a backup on pre-ordering, which started July 10, the new line of clubs is creating a buzz within the industry.

The G400 driver is now a smaller head (445cc) to improve aerodynamics in order to increase ball speed. Visually and mentally, the club is much more favorable. The golf shaft changes to a much darker color at address for focus, and the sound of the club at impact is much more appealing. When several of the PGA Tour pros changed to the G400 right before the U.S. Open, PING staffers led the field in both driving distance and driving accuracy that championship week. The technology of how the forged face was made is promoting the club as the most forgiving tested club on the market currently. Basically, a player can hit the ball on areas of the face and not have the huge amount of yardage dispersion one would expect from any other driver.

Callaway Golf has recently expanded its line of jailbreak technology to include Epic hybrids and irons. The hybrids’ main features include less offset and the ability to change out shafts, lofts, and lie angles just like the Epic fairway woods and drivers. Jailbreak technology has led the industry in distance gained from consistent, accurate contact.

Callaway did flip the switch to reintroduce its newest fairway wood: Steelhead XR. This iconic design once extremely popular in the late ‘90s and early 2000s was one of the best selling designs of all time. The key design concept originated from the sole of the club, which originally started in the Warbirds and then evolved to the Hawkeye design. The new Hawkeye design will have a little higher launch, shorter hosel to appeal visually during setup, and a high performance shaft (Mitsubishi). These woods launched July 14.

Personally, I had both designs in my childhood, and wish I never sold them. Now I’m thankful to have the opportunity to hit these clubs again.

Callaway’s partnering company, Odyssey, introduced an extension of its existing O-works line, which will include 10 new putters. The popular red and black design has been extremely popular with Callaway staff members, who also added a lot of feedback to the new lineup. Microhinge technology leads the way as the new hot putting face on the market. The new O-works Red putters concentrated on existing designs that have stood the test of time and performed at the highest level and sold successfully throughout the past few year. The only difference is that now the finish on the putter is completely red. The new O-works Black putters are all newly designed heads and include a center-shafted model. The three new designs will be available in an all-black finish.

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