Flip appDevelopers out of Provo, Ut., have freshly released the Flip app, which offers an improved classifieds experience targeting mobile users and sellers. Some of the Flip app’s features include in-app messaging, Facebook verification, real-time location information, suggested designated exchange spots known as “Trading Posts,” and camera phone permissions for quick and authentic listing capabilities.

Flip appThe Flip app’s mobile interface is home to buyers and sellers who are on a mission to clear out deep closets and find new items. Differentiating themselves from Craigslist’s horror stories, the Flip app makes local classifieds as safe and painless as possible.

“We were tired of dealing with the sub-par options that exist in the world of ‘selling your stuff’,” says Matty Gay, founder and CEO of Flip. “Everyone has stuff to sell, and it should be effortless to do that in your community. But it isn’t, and it’s 2016. So we’re bringing Flip to life with the ultimate goal of making your community selling or buying experience easy, safe and stress-free, like it should be.”

The Flip app provides an experience that allows users to enjoy the buying and selling process rather than worrying about dealing with a sketchy stranger. To make the experience safer, users never have to give away their phone number, email address, or home address. All communication is through the in-app messaging.

Flip appWhen users agree on a price for an item, the app suggests a safe and local Trading Post where users can meet up to make the exchange. The Flip app suggests designated exchange locations that are well-lit and geographically convenient. Flip partners with local businesses to provide these safe meeting spots. Many businesses even offer special discounts that are only available to Flip app users.

You can download the Flip app today in both Apple and Android stores. Search “flip sell” to bring the Flip app to the top of the search results.

For more information, visit https://whatisflip.com/.