Veyo vintage shopIf you are looking to take a trip back in time by surrounding yourself with iconic pieces from the past, a new vintage Veyo shop has opened it doors to lovers of rich culture and history.

Owners Steve and Kristen Streeter created a place where you can lose yourself in the past with many showcased items they hold on display for the public. What started out as the discovery of two doors made in Monroe, Ut, almost 20 years ago has become a passion to the Streeters.

When Steve Streeter found the vintage doors at an antique store in St. George, he was inspired to create a piece of his own history. Streeter used his fond memories of Bob Hoyt’s Hague Market—an old country store in Lake George, NY, where he used to spend most of his childhood—as a reference for his new vintage shop project.Veyo vintage shop 2

“My mom, Nancy Streeter, worked for Bob as a cashier at the Market that year. I remember trying to scrape pennies together to buy Swedish Fish and other penny candy,” Streeter said. “On occasion when I would just loiter penniless near the counter, Bob would slip me a few pieces of candy when my Mom wasn’t looking — many fond memories of the small town country store, and this is my tribute.”

With these memories in mind, Streeter started work on the 200-square-foot building in 2010, with the two vintage doors serving as the actual entrance. The building was completed about two months ago.

Veyo vintage shop 3The Streeters’ have spent the past year purchasing vintage items and antiques to keep preserved in their shop, and they plan to continue their search for new pieces to add. Their shop currently features a Harley Davidson, Indian Scout, many old signs and license plates, old fashioned cars, vintage candies and much more.

With few visitors who come and go, the Streeters’ are more focused on their enjoyment with this newly finished and continuing project.

“We’re just trying to preserve history,” Streeter said.

Items in the shop are only for visitors’ viewing pleasure. Currently the store does not have set hours; however, tours can be set up through Steve or Kristen Streeter by phone at (435) 680-0883 or through their website at