Photo essay sample & invitation
Red Mountain by Dallas Hyland

What makes a good photo essay is as subjective as the craft itself. Subject, light, composition, and technical detail all make for the ingredients that compile an image, but in the end, it is the relationships between the photographer and the subject juxtaposed with the image and it’s viewer that makes imagery compelling. What the photographer sees and captures may not always be the same as the one who ultimately views the image. And therein lies the beauty of it.

The following photo essay sample shots have been taken from different projects, one photo essay, and various happenings in and around St. George. The idea is to give a brief example of what images an photo essay may contain, but it is by no means a ruling edge.

We invite you to submit images or a photo essay accompanied with captions, photo credit, and a brief description of the story being told by the photo set.

Contact our photo editor Dallas Hyland at for more information on how to submit and be published here at the Independent, the voice of Utah and beyond.

You can also visit for more examples.

'Southern Utah History' by Dallas Hyland
‘Southern Utah History’ by Dallas Hyland
'Zion Adventures' by dallas hyland
‘Zion Adventures’ by Dallas Hyland
redemption project by dallas hyland
‘The Redemption Project’ by Dallas Hyland
Beauty and prose by dallas hyland
‘Beauty and Prose’ by Dallas Hyland