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Red Cliffs National Conservation Area Mojave Desert Tortoise

The Ghost Highway: The battle for the Northern Corridor, part II

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The Ghost Highway: The battle for the Northern Corridor

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The Ghost Highway: The battle for the Northern Corridor, part III

The Ghost Highway: The battle for the Northern Corridor, part III

…next week. Is the proposed Northern Corridor the right plan? “This is not the right plan to meet our needs in Washington County. The 2009 Omnibus bill that directed the…
Northern Corridor Mojave Desert tortoise

The Ghost Highway: The battle for the Northern Corridor, a conclusion

All photos by Don Gilman The Northern Corridor issue will not be decided for some time. The BLM Draft Resource Management Plan still has to move through a labyrinth…
Poll Northern Corridor

POLL: Do you support the construction of the Northern Corridor in St. George?

…this Northern Highway. 1. The land where this proposed highway will be built is a desert reserve. This land is being protected because it is important habitat for the desert…


  1. People need to understand why this road is so controversial. The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve/NCA through which the road would run was set aside so that growth in Washington County could proceed with little or no government interference. An agreement was made in good faith to set aside 62,000 acres for the Reserve so that 300,000 acres in WC could be developed. For leaders and citizens to now go back against that agreement is unreasonable and dishonorable, not to mention a waste of tax money. The preferred NC route through the Reserve/NCA will not solve this county’s transportation problems. SU Independent readers should read Don Gillman’s 5-part series on the NC to get details about the road and the challenges that will be faced. For those who have taken this poll and support the road’s construction, do you realize that the road plans for all WC projects are already $11 million in the hole with funding not available currently? Do you realize that WC’s growth in population and jobs will be in the south and southeastern parts of the county, areas that this NC will not serve? As of the latest transportation reports, the NC and all other connecting roads will cost about $110 million dollars. Spending tax dollars on a road with such little value is without merit. Making good decisions and voting on important issues requires knowledge.

  2. The greed of these people is disgusting. Why destroy a beautiful natural area and pave over land which is needed for wildlife and percolation of our scant rains.
    When are the “good old boys” going to act with integrity and honor..How much money is enough.
    When are they going to stand by their word and agreements..Why should we trust them with anything when they break a contract.
    How about a class action suit to give them some heartburn? Enough!

  3. Beacon has the facts clear out of whack. It is correct that the Red Cliff Reserve set aside 62,000 acres. But, there was only 12,264 acres that would be released for development. There was over 300,000 acres of critical and potential habitat identified but it wasn’t all realesed. His/Her other figures should probably be checked for accuracy as well.

    • Alan, as a County Commissioner who, I believe, sold some of his land for the luxury homes directly adjacent to Winchester Hills, some of which can actually be seen from the hiking routes in Snow Canyon, do you (or your family, buddies, or the other two County Commissioners) happen to own any of the land being opened up for development in the Red Cliffs Preserve? Full disclosure would be appreciated.

    • Commissioner Gardner, which other facts do you challenge and think should be checked. I’d be glad to provide my sources.

      • One more thing directly from the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve website concerning the Habitat Conservation Plan that rules the Reserve and in response to Commissioner Gardner’s comment about the amount of land I mentioned in my first comment:

        Q: How does the HCP benefit people and development needs in Washington County?

        A: The plan allowed the issuance of a permit to the county from the USFWS which “unlocked” over 350,000 acres of desert tortoise habitat on private property outside the reserve so it could be developed. To date, thousands of acres from Ivins to Springdale have been developed as a result of the HCP, including shopping centers, hospitals, a freeway interchange and major residential and commercial areas. The HCP also stipulated that 1,169 tortoises could be “taken” or removed from these properties or accidentally killed as long as certain processes were followed.

    • I just want to thank the good commish for flushing tens of thousands of our tax dollars down a rathole to enrich Ken Ivory and his wife under their guise as the American Lands Council. The ALC (2 people), which lobbies to turn over all federal lands to states, definitely does not represent the prevailing opinion in Washington County. And, there is no legal basis to force a transfer of which Ivory and our commishes are well aware. Gardner and company do not represent the citizens of Washington County.

      Another thoroughly disgusting and non-representative action by our beloved county commishes is their vote to give convicted criminal Phil Lyman the county commissioner of the year title. Now, that is sick!

      Waid Reynolds
      St. George

  4. Once a road is built, the whole area will be game for further development. This is not what we want to have done. Can’t we have just one area without business, homes, offices and more roads? Besides aren’t our taxes bad enough now.

  5. I have two main concerns about this Northern Highway.
    1. The land where this proposed highway will be built is a desert reserve. This land is being protected because it is important habitat for the desert tortoise–a threatened species. This reptile can live to be 50 years old in the wild and has been around for thousands of years. Once again, we are proposing habitat destruction of a native species.

    2. The cost of this highway, about $110 million, is alarming. The county cannot keep up with the current road expenses much less construct a new highway that is not needed in northern Washington County. This is irresponsible governing.

  6. The road to NoWhere is just another Gardner boondoggle, like the airport, like the Lake Powell pipeline. this man has to go.

  7. No country so beautiful should be destroyed. It should be left undirturbed so our children can live to enjoy. I would vote NO .

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