Publisher’s Perspective
Photo: “Reflection inverse,” Josh Warburton

If you have read my Publisher’s Perspectives for a while, you may have noticed a theme lately. Or maybe a trend. Since moving to Springdale at the end of September, I feel I’ve been reinventing myself at almost every turn, and it feels amazing.

Immediately after arriving in Zion Canyon, I started working on new projects. I wanted to turn my love for veganism into some positive community outreach, and I figured potlucks were the obvious way to do it. So each Wednesday, starting the week of Thanksgiving, we’ve had a potluck at different residences in Zion Canyon, mostly mine. It has caught fire already, and we’ve been packing our host locations each week. It’s open to everyone, so if you’re interested, please join us on Facebook to keep tabs on the locations and weekly themes.

I was also hoping to figure out a way to give to some of the needy in the Zion Canyon area; believe me, for all the affluence here, there’s definitely a need. So as a natural extension to the potlucks, we’ve been gifting out plates and containers of the extra food each week to families and individuals who could use an extra meal. I’d like to personally thank Max and Julie at Sol Foods for food and container donations as well as April Gates and the teachers at the Springdale Elementary School for helping with the gifting.

I’ve also just started songwriting again. This is a big deal for me, as I’d taken a bit of a musical hiatus and have been awaiting inspiration. I’ve also been shooting a lot more photographs, including the shot accompanying this article. Watch for more from me in both of those areas coming soon.

Happy reading.



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