Publisher's PerspectiveEvery month, I wait until basically the last minute to write my monthly message from the publisher. I’d like to think it’s because I want to have all of the content done for the print edition before I write about it, but in reality, I just tend to procrastinate. The last month has been one of the most eventful in The Independent’s history. Not only did we launch our brand new website at, but we also had some other significant achievements both in the physical and online worlds.

As I mentioned last month, our print circulation reached an all-time high, making us the most widely distributed publication in our area in print. We continue to add new locations and are down to just a couple beat-up racks at the office—guess it’s time again for another order. We continue to invest in our print circulation, and it continues to grow. Along these lines, we do have a number of plastic countertop racks, so if you have a good location for The Independent to be distributed, please let us know.

Online, we had an amazing month in July. Overall readership basically doubled with the addition of our new news editor, Don Gilman, as well as getting a slew of great feature, opinion, and news pieces from our growing list of contributors. We also saw a major shift in our readership in July. For the first time, Salt Lake City was our number one market for online readership, edging out St. George, which has historically always been our largest market. The Cedar City audience also swelled to an all-time high thanks to some great reporting by Tracie Sullivan and the addition of new contributor Dan Kidder. We’re still looking to add a few more writers, so if you’d like to contribute, please send samples to our editor, Paul Dail, at

Additionally, we started creating websites for companies. Check out our first at If you or someone you know is in need of a super modern, SEO-friendly, responsive-design website, please consider us. We are extremely competitive on price and offer excellent quality, utilizing the full capabilities of our large talented staff.

Happy reading everyone!



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