Opinion piece by Dallas Hyland: Put up, shut up or carry on

Written by Dallas Hyland

I had planned to dedicate this week’s column to being a somewhat friendly but also stern admonition to our bold commenters to step up and contribute in our opinion section.

Given some of the theatrics today on the heels of the self-induced removal from our masthead by one of our now former writers, I think it now even more important to clarify just exactly what it is we are doing here at the Indy.

We are inciting rigorous dialogue on matters of consequence and inviting the reading public to participate.

In so doing, we censor neither the writers nor the commenters.

Statements of facts supporting an opinion must be accurate, and there is a degree of etiquette to be maintained. Not as stringent as an Associated Press publication however. We are called The Independent for a reason.

There are four means of communication by which you may be considered for publication in our opinion section.

The first is via a letter to the editor. It is generally edited mildly for vulgar content and word count but is generally printed as is with a disclaimer implied.

The second is as a guest contributor. I am often heard saying that everyone has at least one good opinion in them.

They third is as a regular contributor. This is someone who has a knack for the genre and a variety of relevant subject matter.

The last is as a featured columnist. This is someone who is taking writing as a career seriously and consistently hits deadlines with original and self originated content as well as one who can take on an assignment. Their name and bio as well as links to where their other work can be found are put on our website. A platform to publish from is a privilege and a responsibility and one we take very seriously. Writers who also take it seriously will find a good home with us.

It is understood that all opinion articles must endure a fact check and a two-editor muster before being published.

So that’s how it works, and we are looking for people to step up and leave the comfortable and sometimes anonymous waters of the comment section and submit a piece.

While the nature of an independent publication often lends to a left leaning at times, all affiliations are encouraged to contribute.

If this is something you think you could take on, we’d love to hear from you. Message me at [email protected]

See you out there.

Dallas Hyland is a freelance writer, award-winning photographer, and documentary filmmaker. As a senior writer, opinion editor, and photo editor of The Southern Utah Independent, Hyland’s investigative journalism, opinion columns, and photo essays have ranged in topics from local political and environmental issues to drug trafficking in Utah as well as the international front, covering issues such as human trafficking in Colombia. His work has received wide recognition and has won independent film festival awards and was a 2015 finalist for the Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Based in Southern Utah, with his film a photography studio in Kayenta’s Art Village, he works tirelessly at his passion for getting after the truth and occasionally telling a good story. On his rare off-days, he can be found with his family and friends exploring the pristine outdoors of Utah and beyond. You can listen to him live as a regular guest co-host on the Kate Dalley talk show on Fox News 1450 AM 93.1 FM in southern Utah.

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