Dixie State University hosts Regional Research SymposiumThe Dixie State University Undergraduate Research Office will host its first Regional Research Symposium, April 7 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Dolores Dore Eccles Fine Arts Center at DSU.

The symposium will showcasing cutting-edge research, innovation, and creative projects. Symposium presentations will be delivered in a variety of formats including talks, posters, performances, and displays. DSU students, faculty, and staff as well as community members are invited to submit abstracts and participate in the event. Those wishing to present their work at the symposium can go to bit.ly/DSUSymposium to submit abstracts for consideration. Abstracts must be submitted by March 5 at 5 p.m.

“The new Regional Research Symposium is a great way to strengthen connections across the community and with the DSU campus with the goal to enhance collaborative efforts that spark innovation and creativity,” said Rico Del Sesto, director of Dixie State’s Undergraduate Research Office. “We know there is exciting research in the Washington County community spearheading new technologies, theories, and artistic productions. This event will be an ideal venue for our community to convene and celebrate those efforts and accomplishments.”

In addition to presentations, the symposium will include a research job fair featuring graduate schools and local businesses. Businesses can locate and recruit potential employees who are familiar with the research and creative processes. Those who attend the symposium can gather information on postgraduate programs and discuss career opportunities. Those interested in registering a business for the research job fair should contact Ali Threet at (435) 879-4469 or threet@dixie.edu.

More information on the Regional Research Symposium is available at academics.dixie.edu/uro or by emailing Rico Del Sesto at research@dixie.edu.

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