Shithole countries and the absurdity of arguing with a foolShithole countries and the absurdity of arguing with a fool

Shithole countries. That is how the leader of the self-espoused greatest country in the world has allegedly referred to Africa and Haiti. Donald Trump is doing what he does best. Perhaps it is best to just let him.

And perhaps it is best to let those who defend such malign and ignorant statements let their actions speak for themselves as well. As they divert any attention from the matter to what others have allegedly similarly done as though they do not understand the most basic principle of the absurdity of one wrong justifying another, maybe it is just best to let them.

Because there is a greater task at hand, and it will not see much in the way of change by the continual focus on what is clearly wrong. By engaging stupidity on such a level seems only to serve as a maddening and self-defeating endeavor.

It is said that people tend to gravitate toward the things they think about the most. An example might be that if a person wants to change an unpleasant aspect of themself, the best way is to acknowledge the problem and focus their attention on replacing it with something better. By constantly focusing on the problem, almost by way of default, the problem persists because it is what is being thought about. By instead focusing on and implementing a solution, the problem can begin wane as the new narrative begins to replace it.

Maybe this is self-help 101 material, but it is salient in light of the fact that arguing with a fool makes a fool of you.

Christopher Hitchens said, “Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.”

Taken at face value, it could be easy to assume this to mean that not being a spectator means taking on the perpetrator of unfairness or stupidity. But when, oh when does that ever actually work?

I’m suggesting, even perhaps to myself here, that not being a spectator means that while not remaining silent, the response to unfairness and stupidity should in fact be fairness and intelligence. Reason and compassion. Countering evil by highlighting good and beauty.

Many responses to Trump’s continual barrage of untempered and ignorant remarks have understandably been outrage. But I’ll tell you what, I sure did appreciate it when many responses to his comments about Haitians and Africans were to assure those people that he may be the President, but he does not speak for everyone in this country.

Just a thought.

See you out there.

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  1. Truly say the truth they are shot whole country’s that’s why they are trying to get out or better yet why don’t your Liberial ass go there and live and see how great it is

    • Thanks for the comment. My “Liberial” ass is actually a registered republican and it has been to third world countries all over the world. From the looks of it, your ass never made it past third grade. See you out there Stanley.

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