Southern Utah Cares local nonprofit assistance

Southern Utah Cares, an online organization devoted to helping local nonprofit organizations succeed, is proudly celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Southern Utah Cares local nonprofit assistance Mike DeMIlle
Southern Utah Cares founder Mike DeMille

“The anniversary is a great milestone for our company,” said Southern Utah Cares founder Mike DeMille, “but we are much more excited about the impact we’ve had on the community. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many meaningful organizations. Rather than simply celebrate our anniversary, we want to express our gratitude to the many charitable organizations that trusted us to share their messages.”

Before starting Southern Utah Cares, DeMille experienced a lot of frustration searching for ways to become more involved in the community.

“I was having difficulty finding out about volunteer opportunities, local nonprofit events, and finding an organization whose mission and programs were aligned with issues that I am passionate about,” DeMille said.

His struggle led him to take action and develop a free, easy-to-use website and Facebook page that would consolidate information about local nonprofit organizations and charities.

Demille wanted to provide a venue for local nonprofit organizations in southern Utah to share news, events, success stories, volunteer opportunities, programs, and services in an organized, easy-to-access format in one location that is available to everyone.

As Southern Utah Cares developed, DeMille became more involved with local nonprofit leaders in determining how to best serve the nonprofit sector.

“The research process and discussions were so rewarding,” said DeMille. “Many executive directors and their teams were open to sharing their thoughts and really supported the concept.”

Today, Southern Utah Cares assists more than 50 local nonprofit organizations. The company supported over 250 different nonprofit events via an online directory of local nonprofit organizations in its inaugural year. It maintained a calendar that lists volunteer opportunities, cultural, and community events. It sent both weekly and monthly newsletters highlighting upcoming events. These services were provided at no cost to the nonprofit partners.

Southern Utah Cares is presently focusing on developing its programs, expanding its service base, increasing exposure for all affiliates, sharing resources, and engage the community at a higher level.

Southern Utah Cares is located at 2671 South 3930 in Hurricane. For more information, visit the Southern Utah Cares website, call (435) 773-3258, or email DeMille.