St. George Temple Visitor's Center directors Barre Burgon Karen Burgon
Photo: J Brew / CC BY-SA 2.0

On Jan. 13, Barre and Karen Burgon, who were previously a senior missionary couple at the Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center, began their new positions as directors of the St. George Temple Visitor’s Center and Historic Sites.

The Burgons are from Ogden. Karen Burgon taught elementary school in Cache Valley prior to becoming a full-time homemaker. Barre Burgon, an attorney, spent most of his legal career as senior vice president and general counsel of an oil company.

The Burgons have served in the LDS Church in several different capacities. Karen Burgon has served in various ward and stake positions, including Stake Relief Society president. Barre Burgon has served as a bishop and as a counselor in two stake presidencies.

As directors of the St. George Temple Visitors’ Center and Historic Sites, the Burgons will offer support and direction to young sister missionaries as well as senior missionary couples.

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