Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez
Photo: YouCaring
Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez
Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez

Rebecca and Omar Hernandez of Clearfield, Utah, have eight children, all of whom were born prematurely, including Stacia and Jocelyn. From premature births to childhood diabetes and from cancer to OEIS complex, a rare and severe birth defect, Rebecca has held her children in pediatric units, her eyes glued to heart monitors and her soul focused on getting her children well.

“When you don’t have a choice, you just do it,” Rebecca says. And that is exactly what she and her husband have done for Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez.

But that’s not all. They don’t “just do it.” They live with hope, optimism, and an inspiring dedication to each other and their children, and they teach their children to stay positive as well. While Rebecca sleeps on hospital couches, Omar works and spends evenings at home taking care of the kids, watching insulin levels, helping with homework, and trying to provide a normal life for their children while mom is thousands of miles away.

Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez
Stacia Hernandez

This year has been particularly trying for Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez and the entire the Hernandez family. While their toddler Jocelyn was having surgery at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, their eleven-year-old daughter Stacia was undergoing inpatient chemotherapy. After six rounds of chemo, the brave fifth grader had her left foot amputated to remove the cancer.

“She is an amazing girl facing the future with such optimism and bravery,” said Rebecca. “If you happen to be at recess at Stacia’s school, you’ll find her jump roping on one foot, and earlier this month, she tried ice skating with a prosthetic, even though it doesn’t quite fit.”

After such a hard year and with many more surgeries planned for Jocelyn, the Hernandez family applied for the Sub 4 Santa program through the United Angels Foundation. doTERRA chose to sponsor the family, and doTERRA employees decided to make a huge difference. In addition to subbing for Santa, doTERRA employees are raising money to help with Jocelyn’s next surgery at John Hopkins.

Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez
Jocelyn Hernandez

“We are touched by Omar and Rebecca’s dedication to their children, and how they stay positive and looking forward in times of trial,” states Emily Wright, executive vice president of sales and marketing at doTERRA. “We love how their daughter Stacia looks at life with such enthusiasm, and instead of sitting on the sidelines at recess, grabs a rope and jumps it better than most of us could. We adore Jocelyn’s sweet smile, and are thrilled that this family gets to be together for Christmas, and we get to be a small part of it.”

Employees of doTERRA hope that awareness can be raised for Stacia and Jocelyn Hernandez and the Hernandez family and that the community will band together to raise funds needed for a better-fitting prosthetic for Stacia and the many additional surgeries Jocelyn needs. To read more about the Hernandez family or to make a donation, visit their YouCaring or GoFundMe pages, or follow them on Facebook.



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