State Route 12 landslide won't affect Bryce Canyon National Park accessA recent State Route 12 landslide will not close or affect normal visitor access to Bryce Canyon National Park, officials say.

The shift has occurred in the Bryce portion of SR-12 and will affect traffic along SR-12 during construction. However, the visitor center, main gate, viewpoints, and main amphitheater are located on State Route 63. The majority of visitors to Bryce Canyon access Bryce via U.S. Route 89 and SR-12 from the east. Entrance to the park is still accessible and open as normal.

“We want our tourists coming in to see Bryce Canyon National Park to know that the normal park experience has not been affected by the landslide,” said Falyn Owens, director of the Garfield County Tourism office. “Visitors can even still travel along Highway 12 to visit the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. Just expect some delays during construction.”

More information is available by calling (800) 468-8660 or (800) 444-6689.

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