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Rock Fest features The National Parks

The Tanner Amphitheater continues legacy of outstanding concerts

The Tanner Amphitheater, which opened in 1976, was built by the late O.C. Tanner with the aim to strengthen the arts in southern Utah...
B.A.C.A. Streetfest

B.A.C.A. members unexpectedly steal the stage at Streetfest

Spotlights lit up the St. George night sky on Friday, Nov. 6, as the aroma of delicious food permeated the air and music from...

Southern Utah Weekend Events Guide: Videocast and Weather

Weekend events are always happening, so there's nothing but good times in southern Utah. Enjoy your weekend by being a part of all the...
George Streetfest

George Streetfest round six takes place on Nov. 6

George Streetfest makes its sixth appearance on Friday, Nov. 6, to celebrate the best of southern Utah. The monthly first Friday extravaganza features a...