Tesla Superchargers Utah
All images by Bob Kulon

There is a designated route, from Los Angeles to Denver, that Telsa Motors has chosen as one of their inaugural routes to “pepper” with free superchargers. What is Supercharger? As Tesla Motors explains, they are free connectors that charge the Model S in minutes instead of hours. Stations are strategically placed to minimize stops during long-distance travel and are conveniently located near restaurants, shopping centers, and WiFi hot spots.

The Tesla Superchargers in St. George are in Sunset Plaza on the northwest corner of Bluff and Sunset. I noticed this installation about six months ago. Apparently it had already been in service for about six months. As explained, it is located in a shopping center near restaurants and hot spots. I’m sure you will recognize The Egg and I, Starbucks, Marv’s, and Gun Barrel. The Superchargers are locater across the road from The Egg and I’s parking lot.

Tesla Superchargers Utah

Another Tesla Supercharger terminal is planned for Beaver. The LA to Denver route follows Interstate 15 and Interstate 70. Last week, I went by the Sunset Tesla Superchargers to get some photos for this article. Someone was charging a Tesla S. She had just started. The vehicle was 80 percent full in 30 minutes (the recommended charge for a Supercharger fill-up). The range for an 80 percent fill is about 170 miles. This is definitely enough to make the hop from Vegas to St. George or from St. George to Beaver.

In order for a Tesla model S to be able to utilize this network of Superchargers, there is a $2,500 factory-installed option to upgrade the car’s charging electronics. But the charging is free. There are already 512 Supercharger stations with 2,895 Superchargers. Many more are planned.

But wait! There’s more than Tesla Superchargers!

In addition to the Supercharger station, there are three  “Destination Chargers” at the three Best Western hotels in town. Destination chargers do not supply the high current fast charging that a Supercharger does. They are similar to the 240 volt AC home chargers that completely recharge a Tesla in about 4 hours.

Tesla continues to innovate. In addition the the five variants of the model S sports sedan, next year brings the model X 7-seat SUV with gull-wing doors. There has also been an announcement of a $35K budget model in the works. There we have it! The return of the middle class. We will all be zooming around in Teslas.

Tesla Superchargers Utah
Image by Bob Kulon
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