‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir book giveaway sponsored by Outlier Magazine
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“Suffice it to say that Andrew Weir has accomplished something that is rare indeed in the world of hard science fiction,” writes Indy book reviewer Laird Allen about “The Martian.” “He has taken known technology, hard-won speculation, and accepted scientific fact, then done obviously considerable calculation. Then he novelized the work he did—and it works.”

‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir book giveaway sponsored by Outlier Magazine
Andy Weir

Concurrently with Broadway Books’ movie edition book release on Aug. 18, Outlier Magazine is giving away three autographed copies of Andy Weir’s science fiction novel, “The Martian.” Weir was recently interviewed in the magazine’s podcast, “Outlier on Air,” upon which the contest rules are based.

Contest entry rules

Entries will be accepted beginning on Aug. 10 and will be open until the end of the day on Aug. 18, 2015. No purchase is necessary to participate. Anyone over the age of 18 who is a resident of the United States or Canada and has a mailing address within the United States or Canada is eligible to participate in this giveaway.

‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir book giveaway sponsored by Outlier MagazineMethods of entry

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At the close of the window for acceptance of entries, all valid and verified entries will be entered into a drawing generated through randompicker.com. The drawing will take place within one week of the closing of entry acceptance. The winners will be selected randomly and notified within one day of the drawing via the method through which they entered the contest.

Winners have one week from the date of drawing to accept their prize via social media message or email. If winners don’t accept within one week of the drawing, a second drawing will be conducted under the same rules, including all the valid and verified entries except the original winner. The same rules of acceptance apply until a winner accepts the prize.

By participating in the giveaway, participants agree to be bound by these rules and by all decisions of the giveaway sponsor. The sponsor reserves the right to change these rules in any manner necessary to conduct the giveaway in an efficient and fair manner.