Cass Hite Sojourn Trailhead
The trailhead for the Cass Hite Sojourn offers a breathtaking view over Ticaboo Canyon, photo: Ray Golden

Beginning June 1, The “Cass Hite Sojourn” is one of many theme-based hikes the Ticaboo Resort will offer out of the new Adventure Center opening in Garfield County this summer. The center is setting up to offer rentals, guided excursions, and other adventures.

“This summer we will be embarking on a number of new excursions out of the new Adventure Center,” said Ray Golden, director of the Adventure Center. “We are designing themed hikes about the history, ecology, geology and geography. The Cass Hite Sojourn is the ultimate excursion.”

Cass Hite is a local legend who explored southern Utah between 1879 and 1914 and named Ticaboo after the Paiute word for “friendly.” Hite was an explorer and a pioneer who descended Ticaboo Canyon in his search for gold and silver.

The sojourn will follow Hite’s journey using Razor ATVs to traverse Ticaboo Mesa and view the stunning scenic overlooks of the canyon. Participants will then descend into Ticaboo Canyon on foot and hike in the direction that he followed, finishing just above where he began his ranching operation.

“This excursion will lead travelers along a truly stunning route through the canyon,” Golden said. “Along the way, we’ll also find plants, cacti coyotes, and other fascinating wildlife.”

Participants from June 1 through June 11 have the chance to be a part of the First Descent Club and have their photo and names on the Adventure Center First Descent Board.

“We’re so excited about the new adventure center and what it will have to offer,” said Falyn Owens, executive director of Garfield County’s tourism office. “Guests will get a feel for the unique history of the area while participating in an exciting excursion”

Garfield County is located in Southern Utah and provides access to nearly a dozen national and state park and forest areas including Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef national parks.