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Written by George Scott

Life is a roller-coaster of constant  change; throwing us up, down, and for loopty-loops. Though it can be exciting, it can take a significant toll on us as we hold on in anticipation for what lies around the next twist. Or, change can feel like a flood gate unexpectedly opened upon us. The flood of change can feel overwhelming. Our choice in reaction to change often predicates the result of its influence. As Bob Dylan sings in his song, “…you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone. For the times they are a-changin’.”

Change can be very trying and the cause for much discomfort. Is there really any serious question as to why we fear change? The universe is, from what I understand, shaped upon the premise of homeostasis. Everything is seeking balance. We, too, find comfort in knowing what to expect, and like feeling we have some control over the things that are going to happen to us. Certainly, there does exist the principle of cause and effect which allows us some influence. However, the truth is, there are many things that happen without an apparent reason. 

Thankfully, we do have the choice in how we react and respond. Certainly the predictability of circumstances provides us comfort; but, the reality is, change is inevitable. It is going to alter us and we must choose whether to let it destroy or shape us for the better. Helen Keller said, “We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.” 

What I have come to realize is it is possible to move past the fear of change and become better equipped to embrace the experiences with welcoming arms. The instability in my life right now has certainly been a challenge. Yet, the more I have been able to let go of the idea of predictability and certainty, I have been able to find strength and faith that everything will be okay as things always have a way of working themselves out. 

I’m not suggesting it happens in the way I had thought, planned, or expected; but, in a way that serves a purpose. The more open I have become to this, the more receptive I become to experiencing some things I never would have imagined to be a part of my life. And the more they become llife-altering experiences and soul stirring adventures.

The more I have these kinds of experiences, the more I desire them, the more I am open to them, the more excited the charge of change brings, and the more optimal the setting for allowing it to shape me into a more fulfilled being exists. I find myself less anxious about how to avoid or alter change, the better prepared I am to seek the lesson it brings. 

I came across this quote, “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”–Mandy Hale. 

It makes me think of a seed that remains a seed; something with so much power and beauty remaining contained and never allowed to flourish. Put it in the ground and nourish it and it explodes with the potential to provide beauty, shade, and nourishment. When I think of the life altering ability of change in this way, I find my fear of it diminishes rapidly. I realize the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly gives cause for new found freedom to fly and produce magnificent beauty. 

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.”–Aberjhani. 

The more I have been, dare I say, “enlightened” to this way of seeing and embracing change, the more I have found there is golden experiences all around waiting to be collected. I have a wonderful friend that continues to tell me that being spontaneous is one of those golden nuggets of life. For too long, I have only been able to associate spontaneous with combustion. I have found it is not a single word and they can be used separately over the last few years. Though, since the prodding has been coming more strongly, I am moving more rapidly in that direction. I am not suggesting throwing every caution to the wind and not planning some things out. I am simply suggesting that being open to roll with the flow and seizing the moment can be a very invigorating experience with the potential to change your world.

Somehow, I was under the premise we could/should chase our dreams. My paradigm has begun to shift to be less about chasing them as it is about embracing them. I believe we all have dreams within us. Sometimes we don’t even know they exist. They may be so dormant and far beneath the surface we don’t even realize they are within us. But the more open I have become to embracing change and making room for experiences, the more I find the things that give true purpose and breath to my life. I am allowing them to penetrate my soul and transform me in ways previously unimaginable. 

It isn’t just doors being opened, entire avenues are opening up for me to travel and explore. I am finding a couple of things igniting a fire within me that previously was untapped. All because I finally listened to a persistent voice of someone acting on a nudge to get out of their comfort zone and approach me. Change made change and the results are amazing and an awakening is a gross understatement in describing it. Speaking of change, there are some things in the works that once finalized will likely change this column significantly and/or give cause for giving birth to a new one. I am hopeful that by the time of my next writing to be able to share the details of both of these experiences. By then, they should have materialized and be ready to fully take flight.

The more confidently I walk with change and allow my dreams to come alive, the deeper I live with intent and purpose. Having reached this pinnacle, I don’t believe there could be satisfaction in returning to where I have come from. My life has been and continues to be altered too greatly to ever be pushed back into the seed that has already sprouted. I believe this is not a unique experience only allowed for me. It might be rare in that many won’t pay heed to what their soul is bursting to experience and share; which, is a shame. I truly believe this world would be filled with greater joy if we all did what made us feel alive. Afterall, look what it did for Bob Dylan. A guy that couldn’t even sing very well ended up having a huge impact on the world through his music. He didn’t fear change and begged us to embrace it while he lived the dream within himself. What will you do when you come alive?

Make it count.

George Scott is a man of many talents and careers. Currently he is an aspiring artist in the art of communication, building community, and connecting. Although he has formal educational training, he prefers to learn his life lessons from the school of hard knocks. He is currently working on a third bachelors degree in rebuilding, rejuvenating and inspiring others. George can be found as the man on the street happily making new friends and sharing his wealth with the world. If you would like to contact him email [email protected]
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George Scott is a single dad living the tiny home lifestyle with his son and their dog. George states, “Simplicity doesn’t mean having nothing. It’s not about sacrifice; rather, it’s about eliminating clutter--tangible non-utilized items, over-extended schedules and commitments, etc--and allowing for the meaningful--life-breathing activities and relationships.