Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016
All photos by Evan Stowers

Men are caring more and more about their look. The menswear industry keeps growing larger along with the barber world. In the last year, we’ve seen several different hair trends for men come and go. I had a chance to speak with Evan Stowers, a well-known hairstylist in St. George, about contemporary products and future hair trends. If you want to stay up to date on the top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016, read on.

Medium length skin fade with beard

Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016This is the perfect look for those men who like to rock a beard. The beard simply complements the hairstyle. The top sides of the beard are blended into the sides of the hair. You can pick your desired length, but most people leave half an inch or less. The top is left with one inch of length to style and work with.

Longer hair with short sides

Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016This particular trend has come and gone. But with this trend coming back, you can be adventurous with adding texture on top. This style consists of tapering the sides from one quarter of an inch or shorter while blending up into the top. The top is usually about 2 inches long. This hairstyle can be fairly easy when using the right products; Mitch by Paul Mitchell is a great grooming line for styling. To finish the look, you will want to use moldable finishing hairsprays. The hairstyle is about adding depth and life to your hair without it looking too structured or stiff.

Fine hard part with a medium fade

Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016This look is very similar to the medium-length skin fade cut, but this particular style has a hard part etched into the side so that you get the clean comb-over effect. The side part is sleek and a classic look. It is a timeless look that never really went out of style but will still be going strong in 2016.

High fade with long hair on top

Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016Fade hairstyles are becoming extremely popular among men lately. The trend is now longer hair on top; before, it was shorter length on top. The fade starts at the skin of the neck and blends upward; generally leaving two inches or longer on top. To style the hair, you will want to blow dry it and comb the hair over to the side. Mouse, matte pastes, or clay are great products for you to use when styling.

Short sides with long hair on top

Top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016For those who have fine hair texture or those who want a quick and easy option, this cut could be something to consider. There is no fading needed for this style. The cut is a constant blend to the top, leaving the top long enough to still comb over. You can add texture to the style by adding dry shampoo to your fine or thin locks.

While these specific manes are the top five hairstyle trends for men in 2016, the biggest grooming phenomenon that has been on the rise over the past few years is the “man-bun.” I had to ask the hard question: Is the man-bun in or out this year?

“I’ve read a lot of mixed feelings on the man bun trend,”  Stowers said. “Personally, I feel the short sides little man-bun top is on its way out. I’ve had some guys already tell me they were keeping it long for their wives but were ready to go shorter. I think those who keep longer locks will still pull it up.”

So you make the decision. Will you still rock the man-bun in 2016?

As always, talk to your barber about what hairstyle will fit you best. It is all in your face structure, hair density, texture, and natural patterns of your hair, but if you follow these great tips, you are on your way to the having the hottest hairstyle in 2016.

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