The 2018 Children's Jubilee: A kaleidoscope of wondersThe 2018 Children’s Jubilee: A kaleidoscope of wonders

By Emily Hepworth

Something magical happens when a young child gets lost in discovery. Connections and memories are made that excite and inspire with hands on art and science. The Children’s Jubilee is just the place to experience this world through all of our senses. A family friendly concert at 2 p.m. is surrounded by amazing exhibits. On Feb. 10, the Heritage Theater doors open at 1 p.m.

The orchestra travels the world, no passport needed, to visit some of the seven wonders of the world. Destinations include the pyramids in Egypt with music from “The Prince of Egypt” and the Great Barrier Reef with Debussy’s illustrious “La Mer.” The concert itself if just about 40 minutes, perfect for young attention spans, and has beautiful pictures of each wonder to capture the eyes of little ones.

Exhibits start at 1 p.m. including Cedar Music Store’s instrument petting zoo, SUU’s Animal Ambassadors, and an astronomy planetarium. After the concert, the Frehner Museum of Natural History, ornithology, Arts Fusion, face painting, and more join in on the action. Be prepared to try new things, learn about connections, and be filled with wonder.

The Children’s Jubilee will take place at the Heritage Center located at 105 N 100 E in Cedar City. Exhibits are open until 4:30. Tickets are $5 for children of all ages and babies are free. Bring three cans of food for our local Care and Share and get one free ticket. Tickets may be purchased at the Heritage Center Box Office; during regular business hours, go to Festival Hall. For more information call (435) 233-8213.

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