East Elementary's First Lego League Microbots compete in roboticsEast Elementary’s First Lego League Microbots team recently competed at the Utah South First Lego League Championship held at Southern Utah University.

“It was rewarding to see the kids’ hard work pay off at the state competition after months of programming their Lego robots, researching, and learning to work together as a team,” said Jeremy Andrews, co-coach for the Microbots.

Each year, a new scientific challenge is released by the First Lego League. The First Lego League competitions include three parts: the robot game, the project, and the core values. Each team of up to ten children (grades 4–8) build and program Lego robots to do specific tasks and earn points on a themed playing field.

This year’s challenge was “animal allies” and required teams to build and program Lego robots to solve a set of missions and to work on a project that helps solve an animal’s real-world problem. Microbots chose the desert tortoise and researched the many challenges it faces. They developed a board game to give to the Red Cliff Desert Reserve to help educate visitors on how to best protect the desert tortoise and its habitat. They presented their project with a project board, skit, and interview with judges.

The Microbots are first and only team from southern Utah to earn and accept a nomination to the First Lego League Razorback Invitational May 18–21 at the University of Arkansas. More information on First Lego League is available here.

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