SpringdaleBy Mayor Stan Smith

As more people discover Springdale and Zion National Park, parking is becoming an issue. Parking is available but not always convenient. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your stay in the area.

Parking inside Zion National Park and near the entrance fills up quickly. Parking is more readily available away from the entrance. There are parking spots in Springdale starting at the town’s entrance from Rockville that can be some of the best places to park your vehicle. The shuttle runs through Springdale and is free to use.

Park your car early, and board the shuttle to get to any of the destinations in Springdale and Zion. Those who try to park closer to the park will spend a lot of time searching for parking spots while those who use the shuttle will spend their time enjoying the town and the park. If you are staying in one of the local hotels, leave your car there and use the shuttle buses to get around the area. Springdale is three miles long, so everything is relatively close. With plenty of restaurants, shops, and hotels, walking around Springdale is enjoyable.

There are bike rental shops throughout town for those who want to enjoy a nice bike ride. Bicyclists can ride through Springdale and then up through the park and onto the canyon road where cars are not permitted. If you get tired, you can always put your bike on the shuttle and relax for a while. Most of all, we hope you enjoy your stay in this gorgeous place we call home.