Celebrate Thanksgiving without the stressBy Brendan Gwynn

Thanksgiving will be here soon, which means food, family, and fun. But with the festivities often comes stress. Rather than spending the holiday buried in worries, here are three reasons to spend Thanksgiving in Bryce Canyon country.

Fewer crowds

Bryce Canyon Country is a summer hotspot that gains a lot of attraction from tourists during the warmer months of the year. However, once the leaves begin to change color, the crowds begin to die down. This makes tourist sites a great option later in the year when visitors will not have to compete with large summer crowds. Fewer people also means discounted rates, which is just another added bonus.

Bryce Canyon National Park

One of the most popular tourist sites in southern Utah is Bryce Canyon National Park. Known for its wondrous rock formations known as hoodoos, Bryce Canyon is a site worth seeing, especially in the winter months when snow blankets the ground. Conveniently, Bryce Canyon is open year round, meaning that access to the park is available during Thanksgiving. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore through activities like hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing and skiing.

Ruby’s Inn Thanksgiving buffet

Ruby’s Inn is hosting its annual Thanksgiving buffet, which is the perfect option for those who don’t want to deal with shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. The event is also a great choice for those who no longer have kids at home or whose married children will be with their spouse’s family. The buffet will be held in the Cowboy’s Buffet and Steak Room located in the Best Western Plus Ruby’s Inn main lodge and is absolutely delish, featuring all of the expected Thanksgiving fixings. For more information on the Thanksgiving buffet, visit rubysinn.com/thanksgiving-buffet.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a trip to Bryce Canyon Country. The small crowds, easy access to Bryce Canyon, and Ruby’s Inn Thanksgiving buffet without cleanup make Bryce Canyon Country a great place to spend the holiday. To learn more about special deals available at Ruby’s Inn, visit rubysinn.com.

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