Celebrity Concert Series presents SHUFFLE
Photo: SHUFFLE performs at SHUFFLE at Canegie’s Weill Recital Hall, credit: APAP|YPCA 2014 and ADAM KISSICK/APAP

Celebrity Concert Series presents SHUFFLE

It’s not a dance, your iPod can’t pull it off, and you won’t see someone do it at the Mandalay Bay. The Celebrity Concert Series will feature a new kind of chamber music — New York contemporary chamber ensemble SHUFFLE — Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Cox Auditorium in St. George.

SHUFFLE changes the rules of performance and turns it into something interactive and unpredictable. The concept was born when its artistic director and pianist, Eliran Avni, was exercising on an elliptical machine. His MP3 player jumped from a Pretenders song to the first movement of Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony — hence, “SHUFFLE.” This immediately threw him off balance, giving him the idea for a new performance format that departs from the traditional “this is what we’re playing, kiddos” configuration.

As you might imagine, this means that concert programs are not static for SHUFFLE performances. Audiences are invited to actively participate in the selection of works to be performed by choosing from a menu of over 30 works derived from 15 different styles, with works ranging from solos and duos to trios, quartets, quintets, and sextets. Genres vary from Classical, Baroque, and Romantic Era works to jazz, Latin, and Broadway music. It’s kind of like having a remote control for your live music.

SHUFFLE’s members are they are graduates of such schools as Juilliard, New England Conservatory, Oberlin, Manhattan School of Music, and Bard College. Individually, they have won numerous prizes and have performed extensively as soloists and collaborative musicians throughout the world.

Tickets are available at celebrityconcertseries.com or by calling the box office at (435) 652-7800.

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