Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter saves Roxie
Image courtesy of Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter

The evening of Friday, Sept. 25, in Santa Clara, a car hit Roxie, a Terrier mix owned by a Dixie State University student. Unfortunately, the driver did not report the accident, and Roxie had to crawl up to a porch and wait until the resident came home before she received help. Animal Control was contacted, Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter approved emergency medical treatment for Roxie and her life was saved. Now the Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter is reaching out to the public, not only for assistance for the DSU student but also to inform people what to do if they ever accidentally hit an animal.

Regarding Roxie, the owner would usually be expected to repay Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter for the $630 emergency medical bill. However, the Dixie State University student cannot afford to repay that amount. She is assisting Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter in other ways to show her appreciation for her dog being saved. If you would like to make a contribution to Roxie’s emergency medical bill, you may send a check to Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter, 661 East 425 South, Ivins, Utah 84738. All donations are appreciated and tax-deductible. You will receive a thank-you card with important information to keep with your tax records.

If you ever find yourself in this situation please call the police so that Animal Control can respond immediately to the scene. Sometimes it is a matter of minutes that can save a pet’s life. It is not recommend that you attempt to render hands-on care to the injured animal for your personal safety but rather that you wait and give information to Animal Control.


Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter saves Roxie

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Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter saves Roxie

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