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The Independent Southern Utah Adoptable Pets Guide features adoptable pets from various animal shelters throughout southern Utah. Get a new pet today!

The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter

The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter is located at 795 Hardy Way and is open for adoptions Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m. Please call (702) 346-7415 during these hours to speak to the front desk, or visit Animal Control may be reached by phone or voicemail at (702) 346-5268. Adoption fees include spaying or neutering and a one-year rabies shot. Mesquite residents only receive one-year city pet licenses.


Kitty was brought to shelter when her owner could no longer have a pet in the apartment. Kitty is seven years old and has lived in two different homes. She is a little shy due to having to come to the shelter but will come when called. She is talkative and loves being brushed and petted. She will sit on your lap or beside you for attention. Although she lived in a home with another cat and a dog, she was not that fond of her companions since they wanted to play and she was more interested in being left alone. Kitty could use a diet and exercise routine. Her doption fee is $40.


RSQ DOGS+ is southern Utah’s newest nonprofit animal rescue group. It is an all-volunteer group dedicated to saving the lives of animals in underserved, rural areas of Washington County. All of the animals in their care are fully vetted, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, and any medical care they may need. Please contact RSQ DOGS+ for more information at (800) 897-1136 or, or visit

Edisonsouthern utah adoptable pets Edison

Edison is a gorgeous one-year-old border collie. He is very sweet and smart but a little scared right now since he just arrived at the RSQ DOGS+ center. He is good with other dogs and children. You will want to go in and meet this handsome boy.

Lola-Lucysouthern utah adoptable pets Lola-Lucy

Lola-Lucy is a darling 12-week-old boxer mix puppy. She is currently in a foster home. She is super sweet and gets along well with everyone and everything. She gets along great with other dogs and children.

Tuckersouthern utah adoptable pets Tucker

Tucker is a 1-year-old collie mix. Tucker is a handsome boy who is good with other dogs and children. Tucker is a playful, fun dog.  Tucker will make some family a great family dog. Get in and meet this adorable dog soon.

Princesssouthern utah adoptable pets Princess

Princess is a 1-year-old tabby that is just finishing up nursing 3 darling kittens. She is ready to find her forever home. She is a bonded pair with Cooper and we would love to see them adopted together if possible. Princess is currently at a foster home with her sweetheart.

Coopersouthern utah adoptable pets Cooper

Cooper is a very sweet young (1-year-old) male cat looking for his forever family. He was part of a bonded pair (with Princess), but Princess was pregnant and now has three darling kittens. Cooper can be adopted alone, or if you are looking to adopt two cats and can wait a few weeks for the second one, we would love to reunite these two lovebirds. Cooper is currently at a foster home with his sweetheart.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located five miles north of Kanab at 5001 Angel Canyon Road. All adoptable cats and dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you have questions about a specific pet or the adoption process, please email If you’d like to apply to adopt one of these featured pets, click the link to their bio where you will find the adoption survey.

Vadersouthern utah adoptable pets Vader

Vader was born in 2011, but he still has lots of energy to burn. That makes him a great hiking, jogging, or adventuring buddy. Vader also loves people. He has super soft fur and some serious snuggling skills. He’ll be happy to just cuddle up with you and give you kisses in between adventures. Vader is picky with his doggie friends, and he does not do well with cats. He also has the tendency to guard his food, so he will need someone who can understand and work with him on that. He’ll do great in an active home with someone who can give him a little guidance. As part of our Single and Loving It adoption campaign, Vader qualifies for a waived adoption fee and a free flight home anywhere in the U.S. or Canada!

Wrensouthern utah adoptable pets Wren

Wren came to the sanctuary from a rural humane society. She was in a tough situation before she was rescued, so she is wary of people and has trust issues. Wren really wants to be friends with people; she just needs a little time and patience. She’s okay with going for walks as long as she’s leashed up slowly and gently. Born in 2016, Wren is great with other dogs. She’s looking for a loving, understanding home and that special person who will give her the time she needs to build confidence and develop trust.

Xandersouthern utah adoptable pets Xander

Xander usually has a serious face, but when he smiles you can see his adorably crooked teeth and grin. It can take Xander some time to trust new people. He’s slow to warm up, and he will bite if he is pushed too far too fast. But once he likes you, he’s a really good boy. He likes other dogs and has lived successfully with cats in the past. He is crate trained, enjoys car rides and walks, and loves stuffed toys. Xander was born in 2008 and came to Best Friends from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. He has shown some guarding behaviors at the sanctuary and is protective of his crate, so his caregivers lure him out with treats and do not reach their hands in his crate. When he is excited, such as for leashing or feeding, he has a tendency to jump up and bite at clothes. He is very difficult for medical handling and does not like to be muzzled. His caregivers are working on muzzle training with him, but he currently has to be sedated for exams and procedures. He’s particularly sensitive about his ears. Xander is working on learning alternative behaviors for jumping up and biting. He will need to go home with a dog savvy person who is willing to continue his training.

Viggysouthern utah adoptable pets Viggy

Viggy is extremely friendly and outgoing. As soon as he meets you, he will ask to be held and will happily sit in your lap for hours. He goes on sleepovers and snuggles all night. Born in November 2015, he is still young and loves to play with toys and other kitties. Viggy came from a shelter in Pennsylvania after testing positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). He’ll need a home where he’s the only cat or there are other FeLV cats. If you have the right situation for Viggy, this little heart melter will make a snuggly companion.

Wrinklessouthern utah adoptable pets Wrinkles

Not much rattles Wrinkles. He’s about as easy-going as they get. But he’s been through a lot. First he was a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Then off to a rescue group. Now he’s at Best Friends. And through it all, he remains the same relaxed, roll-with-the-punches kind of cat. Born in 2005, he gets along great with other kitties. He could be an only cat or part of gang, he’s fine either way. He likes meeting new people. He’s not exactly a lap cat, but he will sit for a spell next to you for a little chat and some love. He’d be a great friend to watch TV with. Really, that’s all it would take to make him the happiest cat in the world. Wouldn’t an uncomplicated cat like him make you happy? This calm cat really deserves to settle down as somebody’s best friend!

Winchestersouthern utah adoptable pets Winchester

Winchester is very laid back when meeting new people. He’s a pretty independent guy but he still enjoys being picked up, sitting on laps, and being petted and brushed. He has Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), so he’ll either need to be an only cat or live with other cats who have the virus. He does fine with other cats but mostly keeps to himself. Born around 2011, Winchester was found as a stray in California. He walks on a harness and leash and loves getting outside and exploring around trees and shrubs. He’s a big boy and could stand to lose a few pounds, so going on daily walks is good for him.

Providing Animals With Support (PAWS)

PAWS Adoption Center is located at 1125 W 1130 N in St. George. Please submit an application at Call (435) 688-9748 or email All pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. Below are the pets currently available for adoption from the shelter.

Tuckersouthern utah adoptable pets tucker

Tucker is a super fun, sweet, compact pit bull. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle in your lap. Tucker has great manners and enjoys walks and likes to play. If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an application at His adoption fee is $125.

Babysouthern utah adoptable pets baby

If you are looking for the perfect dog, here she is! Baby is such a nice girl; she is good with other dogs and children and calm around cats. This beautiful, calm girl is really one of the best dogs in town. If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an application at Her adoption fee is $125.

Pollysouthern utah adoptable pets Pollyspect

Polly is 5 years old and sweet as can be. She is a beautiful looking cat and has a delightful personality. She’s a calm lap cat who gets along with other cats and dogs, and she’s playful. Please call PAWS at (435) 688-9748 for more information about this pet. If you are interested in adopting, please visit and submit an application. Her adoption fee is $150.

Luciussouthern utah adoptable pets luciusspect

Lucius is 1 1/2 years old, and is sleek and sexy looking. He’s a cool cat with a heart of gold. He’s easy going, likes attention, gets along with other cats. Stop into PAWS and meet him. He is litterbox trained. If you’re interested in adopting him, please visit and submit an application. His adoption fee is $65.

Tabithasouthern utah adoptable pets Tabithaspect

Tabitha is a lovely Calico that loves to give and get a lot of affection. Tabitha is a good lap cat and is mellow she gets along with kids and other cats. Tabitha would make a great companion. Please call PAWS at (435) 688-9748 for more information about this pet. If you are interested in adopting her, please visit and submit an application. Her adoption fee is $65.

Because Animals Matter

Because Animals Matter is dedicated to reducing animal abuse and neglect through education. It offers fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped animals for adoption through a network of foster homes and the Because Animals Matter Center, a transition facility. It also welcomes volunteers for a variety of activities and needs foster families for animals awaiting their forever homes. Please contact Because Animals Matter at (435) 773-5209 or visit for more information.

Waltsouthern utah adoptable pets Walt

Walt is approximately 8 years old. He would like nothing better than to go on a walk with you, go for a run in the desert, be your companion, and then lay down at your feet at the end of the day (or in your lap … he likes laps a lot). Older children would be best for him, and he would also be a great pet for an older couple. Walt is well behaved in a house, and although he is crate trained, he prefers to live in close proximity with his humans. Walt’s foster mom says he is a great dog and he deserves a home of his own. Walt’s only problem is that nobody wants to adopt him because he has stage 1 kidney failure and requires a special diet. The vet says he could live a couple of years or more or less. There’s just no telling, but if you’ve seen the videos of him running in the desert, you would know he’s not ready to cash it in yet. Everyone who knows Walt believes he deserves a family. Are you a family that is willing to give love and be loved, even if it is time-limited? If so, call Corinne at (435) 760-3414 and set up a time to meet him. You will fall in love with him … everyone does!


southern utah adoptable pets chuck1Chuck is a happy, loving boy who wants to be with his human all the time, be it walking, on your lap, or sleeping. He is constantly tracking your location because he just wants to be near you. Chuck is approximately 4 years old and was surrendered when his human became sick and unable to care for him. He’s a great little walker and curious about his surroundings. Chuck seems to play well with other dogs close to his size but can be aggressive with larger dogs. A potential adopter who owns other dogs should arrange a meeting between Chuck and their dog to determine compatibility. Chuck should be in an adult-only home. He does not have the patience to deal with children. Chuck would do best with an owner experienced with opinionated dogs. To welcome Chuck into your family, contact Aggie (435) 773-1667 or Sue at (801) 554-3378. Chuck’s adoption fee is $125.

Baleysouthern utah adoptable pets BALEY1

Baley, a German Shepherd in a Chihuahua body, ended up at a local shelter after his owner died, and there was no one to take care of him. He is a happy little guy who just wants a lap to sit on, a warm bed, some walks and car rides, and of course food and water. BAM does know that he shared a kennel space with another dog and is good with them, but they don’t know about cats or children. Toddlers probably shouldn’t be in the picture since he was in an adult-only home before, but older, respectful children would probably be fine. Baley is ready to go to a new family immediately. His adoption fee is $125. To meet Baley or find out more about him, contact Aggie (435) 773-1667 or Sue at (801) 554-3378.

Chicosouthern utah adoptable pets chico1

Chico is approximately 3 years old and came to BAM with his buddy Pepe. He is very loving with his people and is just waiting for the right family so he can share his love and cute personality. His adoption fee is $125. To meet Chico, contact Ryan at (435) 680-6666.

Hurricane City Animal Shelter

Hurricane City Animal Shelter is located at 2084 S 700 W in Hurricane. Its hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. The shelter is closed on Sundays and holidays. They work very hard to keep their facility clean and their adoptable animals comfortable during their stay with them. Adoption fees are $20 for cats and $30 for dogs. The adoption fee includes a goodie bag and a certificate for a free health exam with either one of the veterinarians in Hurricane. All pets must be sterilized prior to going into their new home if they haven’t been already. Phone: (435) 635-8314.

Duecesouthern utah adoptable pets Deuce

Deuce is a big, goofy boy who just wants to play and have fun! With that being said, he needs an owner who will be patient and consistent with him to help him be the very best dog he can be. He is smart and catches on quickly. Eager to please, Deuce will be an awesome companion with just a bit of training. Deuce is approximately 5 years old and will need to be neutered prior to going into his new home. This energetic, black-and-white mixed breed is ready to run and romp with anyone who can keep up with him. He is a large dog and isn’t aware of his size, so he may not be a good fit with little kids. Deuce would be great with someone who is very active and will take him out on long hikes. He would probably love to be out on a farm or ranch where he could have a lot of land to roam around on.

Jinxsouthern utah adoptable pets jinx 1

Jinx came to the shelter as a stray, so her history is a mystery to them. This beautiful black-and-white sweetheart just loves to have her long, lovely fur petted. Because she has been out on her own for a while, Jinx did have some matting in her fur that will need to be removed. One of their volunteers helped Jinx out by shaving off those horrible mats to free her from the discomfort of them. With that being said, Jinx is currently no longer a poof of fluff. She is now sporting what is called a “lion cut.” But no worries! Her gorgeous fur will grow back soon, and she will once again be her spectacular, fluffy self. Jinx is looking for someone who will help her keep her gorgeous coat sleek and groomed by brushing her regularly. That’s a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between feline and their person. Jinx uses her litter box like a pro. They don’t know how she is with other cats but she doesn’t seem to mind the kittens at the shelter. They also don’t know how she is with dogs. Jinx would no doubt be just fine around children who are gentle with and respectful of her. She’s a gorgeous kitty who deserves a safe and loving home where she will be a cherished member of the family always. Get into the shelter soon to meet Jinx!



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