Sleep DealerBy Alistair Hume

Jazzy’s Rock N Roll Rumble 2017 is really heating up. Throughout the first three rounds, every band has truly given it their all, and the three bands that have made it out on top —  Telestial, Nevermind, and Cleo — have truly deserved it. With the second to final round approaching, stakes are high as ever. Let’s touch down on the fourth round’s artists.

Blues singer Lisa Mac, whose involvement in the rumble happened late, is anticipated nonetheless. For years, Lisa has dominated countless open mic nights and bar performances all over southern Utah with an air of professionalism, sass, clever and well thought-out songwriting of past relationships, and an incredible voice that reaches for the skies. Even being a solo act, she is truly a forced to be reckoned with.  

Find her on Twitter and Youtube.

Returning to the Jazzy’s stage after a few years is the exquisitely fun pop punk band The Robot’s Guide To Living. This band truly brings a more mature sound to their genre, and they bring a flavor to the scene that southern Utah hasn’t seen in a long time. After being out of the loop for so long, it’ll be interesting and exciting to see what these guys can pull out of their gear, especially in a competitive setting.

 Find them on Bandcamp and Youtube.

Since the beginning of the summer, this emo/math rock band has taken the southern Utah music scene by storm and dominated every show they’ve played. Their impressively sad lyrics and quite complex instrumentals, well thought-out down to the last note, have formed quite a musical bond with everyone who has seen them. Sleep Dealer is the powerhouse of the competition, and they will be hard to beat.

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